How to write a narrative essay

As children, we’ve all heard stories. Do you remember how avidly you listened, sometimes with your mouth open, when someone was narrating a story? You were eager to know what happened next and what the conclusion was. Well, a narrative essay is no different. Ideally, it should just be as gripping as a story and should make the reader want to read it right until the end.

The narrative essay, as the name itself indicates is a narration of an event or an occurrence that happened to you the writer, or to someone else. It can be based on your experiences or on the experiences of a friend, colleague or someone you know. Often, students are worried about the challenges involved in writing this essay because it means that your narration should be so spellbinding that the evaluator’s interest is held right until the end. Another common reason for apprehension among students is the message that they need to communicate towards the end, or the conclusion of the essay. If you are worried about this, then you should certainly check out some essay samples, so that you’re prepared in advance.  You will also be able to avail essay writing help from our website. Common topics for a narrative essay would be a major success or failure in life and how you or someone else went about facing it, a childhood event that had an impact for life, an incident that caused a major transformation in your attitude, or an occurrence that helped you realize someone’s worth, etc.

While writing a narrative essay, keep in mind that you can use tools such as a flashback to make the narration more engrossing.  Usually, it is written chronologically, but if you think your essay needs a different style and not a flashback or a transition, that is perfectly fine too.  Try to recollect the experience as much as you can and spend some time drafting the memories to first create an outline of the narrative. Then, elaborate on your outline. Remember that even the most trivial and unimportant fact can be of interest to the reader and may actually have a role in keeping up the reader’s attention. Because the incident happened to you or to someone you know, you may want to exclude certain details thinking that they are not so significant. But, bear in mind that your reader does not have the context you have and this may cause confusion. Therefore, try to include as many details as possible.  However, there is a delicate balance between including superfluous details and relevant ones. Be careful not to overdo it so much that the focus of the essay is diverted!

Strong descriptive words and phrases are of great importance in a narrative essay. Also, because of the story telling style of the essay, the characterization, plot and climax hold a lot of significance.  If you’ve been training on research paper writing or term paper writing, you may need to practice writing the narrative style more often because all these require different approaches.

Writing an APA Style Essay

research papers or dissertations in subjects such as social sciences and arts. Writing an APA style essay refers to writing it and formatting it according to the APA norms and guidelines. This kind of style is used for writing term papers, case studies, literature reviews and research reports. When you format your essay according to the APA style, you will need to adhere to rules around typeface, line spacing, margins, page headers, footers etc. Here are some guidelines around writing an APA style essay.

  • Font:  Use only Times New Roman or a similar serif font. Retain the font size at 12.
  • Spacing: Have only double spacing in the entire report or document. Double spacing is required after titles, sub-headings, quotes, figure captions, references, foot notes etc.
  • Margins: Ensure that you have one inch margin on all sides of the document.
  • Page Header and Footer: Make sure to include a header and footer on every page. The title and the page number are also mandatory on every page.
  • Include an indent of about half an inch for the first line of every paragraph. Text should be left aligned with no specific alignment at the right.
  • Tables and figures should begin on a new page each.
  • The format of the document should be in the following order – Title page, Abstract, Main body of the document, References, Appendix.
  • Citations are very important, if you’ve used a reference or another writer’s words or ideas. The format of the citation should include the author’s last name, the year of publication, and the page number. For instance, the format should be as follows: Cook, 1987, pp. 34-35). Then, ensure that you mention all details about the author in the references. Note that citing the page number is not mandatory at all times.  You need to mention it only if you’re referring to and quoting from a particular source. Otherwise, just having the author’s name and year will suffice.
  • If citing multiple authors, mention all the names followed by the year.
  • In the references, mention the authors’ names in alphabetical order, starting with the last name and the initials of the first names. This is followed by the publication date, title, publisher details and so on.
  • References going on to the 2nd and 3rd lines are to be indented by half an inch.
  • The references list is important because it serves as a comprehensive list of resources for your reader. Therefore, make sure that you make it as informative as possible and maintain the correct format.

The APA Style essay has been used by many disciplines and many writers around the world prefer using this style in their work.  It is important to maintain consistency and standard in scientific publications. Therefore, the APA Style essay is highly preferred in these kinds of writings. Remember to remain focused on the facts and concentrate on the formatting guidelines to write the right APA style essay. Also, take some time out to look up some essay samples online to gain more idea of this kind of writing.

Valuable Tips For Writing A Biography Essay

Are you preparing for your research paper or a dissertation on a famous personality or a well known figure is common in assessments for subjects like history, literature or language.  As the name itself indicates, a biography essay is the life story of a person. It consists of an outline of a person’s life, accomplishments and events in life, impact and influence on society, peers and contemporaries, family history and information etc. It may be a good idea to read up about a few famous people in every field like arts, sciences, music, theater, movies, politics etc. This will help you to be prepared in case you’re asked to write an essay on any prominent personality of your choice. You can also read some good essay samples to get a feel of the construction of the essay.

Begin your essay with an interesting fact about the subject. Normal opening statements like “XYZ was born in the year 1922 on the day x” is likely to be very uninteresting and dull. Your evaluator probably has some hundreds of essays to read, and you must make the opening or the thesis statement captivating enough to hold his attention. Adding an interesting snippet like a teaser or a one-liner with a curious question relating to the subject will probably set the tone and grab the attention of the reader.

Moving on to the body of the essay, make sure to include relevant information about the subject. If the person is famous for an invention that he made or for a book that he wrote, ensure that you write as much as possible about those aspects. Writing about the subject’s romantic escapades may sound fascinating, but may be totally irrelevant. Think of reasons why the subject was famous and what efforts he took to reach this fame. Include details about early childhood if they were remarkable. For instance, let’s suppose the person you’re writing about lived in stark poverty during childhood, but went on to become a multi millionaire. Readers would be extremely interested in knowing how this progress happened and the major attributes to his success. If this is relegated to the background, and there is more information on how many unsuccessful weddings the person had after he became a millionaire, that may not be the most effective usage of the biography essay space. Include details of important dates in the person’s life, but take care not to include so many that it gets monotonous and dry.

Summarizing the most salient points of the subject’s life and highlighting the impact he had/has on society or civilization is the right way to end the biography essay. Try to cite all your sources somewhere in the essay. The conventional way to finish an essay is to summarize all your facts, and this essay is no exception.

Useful Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay

Just like other essays, an analytical essay follows the structure of an introduction, body and conclusion. However, what is different in this type of essay is the specialty of the essay to help the reader gain a better systematic and logical interpretation of the topic that is being discussed.

Any topic can be the point of discussion in this kind of an essay. However, the key here is analysis, which is best done by breaking down the topic into its various components and examining each thoroughly. For instance, if the topic of discussion is a festival, you can break down the essay by examining the history and origin of the festival, what are the festivities involved, what kinds of changes have come in the celebration of the festival over years, and so on.  In conclusion, you can talk about the effects of the festival in today’s world, its contribution and positive effects on people and the joys of celebrating it.

At times, an analytical essay can also be a comparison between two objects. If your goal of the essay is to prove that one object is better than the other in terms of features or characteristics, be sure to substantiate your point with enough facts and statistics.

Any activity becomes better with practice, and with writing too, improvement and perfection can be achieved with practice. So, get used to writing them by picking up any topic and elaborating on it by writing it in the form of an analytical essay. Who knows, this may be the basis for writing your term paper or /dissertation too? Find /samples of analytical essays on our website.

Begin by writing down all the information that you can gather about the topic. Do as much research as possible. Remember, that when you write your research paper, this information gathering will be of immense use to you. Write down as many points as you can. Then start sorting them according to the origin, development, features, characteristics, uniqueness and impact of the subject or topic. Develop your thesis statement. The thesis statement, in a single sentence should convey the main idea, motive and focus of your analytical essay. The thesis statement should be in the introductory paragraph of the essay and should be gripping enough to make the reader want to read the rest of the essay.

Moving on to the main paragraphs of the essay or the body of the essay, make sure that you have enough facts and information to cover all the aspects related to the analysis. Your thesis statement should be ably supported in these paragraphs with facts, figures, data and lots of information. Each paragraph of the body should include topic statements that elaborate on the subject and are in connection with the thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion of your analytical essay should reiterate what’s spoken about in the thesis statement and should leave the reader with a clear and comprehensible picture of the goal of the essay. Summarize what you intended to achieve and what you wanted to say in the form of two-three clear sentences in the concluding paragraph. Ensure that you leave the reader with a clear frame of mind and do not confuse him by providing an unfinished or incomplete thought that makes him wonder what the intention of your essay was.

Instructions For Writing Essay Cover Page

It is a common practice of professional and academic writers to give a summarized overview of a research paper or an essay at the very beginning page. This particular practice is done for the sake of reader’s ease and quick insight of the subject. This paragraph or a collection of paragraphs, under separate heading(s), on separate page(s) and a part from real material, providing sufficient overview of the writer and essay’s subject is called an essay cover page. These introductory pages are quite straightforward and carry crude information about the subject. In this article, you will be given some basic instructions about how to write them in a proper manner.

1.    In a very professional manner, start it with the introduction of your subject. This introduction should be very concise, dealing with the background of subject and the domain in which it lies. Do not stretch the introductory lines to unspecified domains and details or it would be regarded as ‘out of scope’.

2.    Give a succinct overview of your subject and move through its different parts. This part should be idealistic and reflect your ability of composing good amount of detailed material in a few lines. An ideal essay cover page hardly takes 1-2 pages. Again, it is necessary to mention here that your intention should be always aligned with the idea of providing an overview, not details.

3.    In essay overviews or cover pages, you can skip the information or parts that you think are not very much necessary to include. For instance, if your research essay has a title “Computer Network Management”, you should not include details about IP addressing techniques or routing protocols.

4.    In case you are writing a research paper based on comparative analysis, do not include differences between your selected subjects. Thing that is to be included here is the extract or synopsis of your analysis, in a summed up form. This makes your essay cover page to look highly informative and authentic.

5.    College and university students, working under a professor or enrolled in some particular course should mention the name of that professor or course, along with their personal opinions about the research they conducted. This helps shaping the mind set of a student to think rationally, in a precise format.

6.    At the end, it is a very good practice to write about your self and why you conducted this research. Furthermore, for complete satisfaction, have it reviewed by professional proofreading services. In a way, this practice seals the overview of the subject and leaves a reader with a really good impression about research and author.

An essay cover page is a great reflection of two things: subject and writer’s insight in it. For further information about writing cover pages, please visit a custom essay writing resource, which has a great database about writing essays, as well as it provides research paper writing services and thesis writing services in very feasible rates.

Devising Subjective Macbeth Essay Topics

In the crown of English literature, William Shakespeare’s work is being regarded as one of the biggest jewels. His novels and plays are totally based upon social relationships of human beings tied by their emotions and actions; with in the environment surrounding them. The tragedy of Macbeth – Thane of Glamis, written in 1606, is another tragedy based play of William Shakespeare, which shows how certain situations can drive human beings to become greedy, superstitious, angry, ashamed and power-hungry. In colleges and universities, students are usually taught this classical literature and are asked to write about it in order to enhance their powers of observation and to improve their literary ethics. Moreover, students are asked to create a topic and write an essay, based on any character, event or incident extracted from classical plays. However, students who find composing an essay a difficult task, can buy essays online too, but they should always try to write in the first place. As most of the Shakespearean plays, tragedy of Macbeth is also a little difficult to understand and analyze, with out proper guidance. However, this particular article will cover a small domain and give you a very basic idea about how to create sensible Macbeth essay topics.

First and foremost thing you need to do is: read, read and read the tragedy. Get in to it through critical, suggestive and hypothetical analysis methods, in order to get familiar with it. Try to understand the theme and idea of play, characters and their actions, incidents, maxima and minima of the play, etc. Usually, to create an effective topic, you should be looking through a hypothetical window, which can satisfy the situation you wanted to appear. If the hypothesis is true, you have your topic right there. If not, look through other methods and try to probe in results of the play and justify them. For further assistance, you can always rely on a literature review service.

Other subjective Macbeth essay topics can also be devised by analyzing characters of the play. It is a sane choice to take Macbeth himself as your subject, but other characters like King Duncan, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Hecate and Madcuff or their collective arrangements can serve as a good subject too. In this way, you can suggestively analyze characters and create better essay topics based on their actions, which resulted in the pitch and climax of the play. One last basic method out of many can be a situational analysis method. You just consider a major situation at an important point of the play and justify if the writer has done right by pulling that situation or not. Yes, its quite difficult than the previous ones, but the resulting Macbeth essay topics can be fantastically appreciable.

Students facing problem in writing their research papers or annual literary thesis in literature should give the tragic play of Macbeth, a chance of their consideration. It’s full of energy, human emotions, incidents and calamities that can be analytically transformed in to significant research material. Students can also take help from online research paper writing services in this regard. On the other hand, the tragic play of Macbeth has also a rich ground, from which tens of Macbeth essay topics can be extracted and formulated.

Reporting Human Behavior And Mind: A Psychology Essay

Most often, students related to medical sciences and psychological streams are asked to compile a psychological report of their subject (e.g. a patient) in a standardized and appropriate style, so that it can be useful to them in future. Some medical schools arrange separate classes and coursework for reporting psychological descriptions. In professional career of a psychologist or a doctor, it is an obligatory requirement to compile a separate report for each patient on hand. So, in this psychology essay, your emphasis should be learning; how to compile such a report and what things are to be avoided.

There are many ways and methodologies to compile a psychology report. A writer should always be focused on making report look easier for other professionals and the patient him self. These reports can be specific, written in a generalized format about the condition, improvement observations, etc. For more information about writing reports of this kind, you can refer to a custom essay writing website available and additionally, if you want to, you can also have your reports proofread by a professional proofreading service – online.

The most basic methodology of writing a psychological report is to write each and every test with its result, respectively. In this type of report, writer’s or researcher’s ability of conducting and reporting crude tests is verified with an additional touch of hard work being reflected. For instance, we can quote an example in this psychology essay like: a patient’s mental disorder can be a result of more than one reaction, and by compiling such a report, a writer confirms actual cause of disorder by investigating each property of the subject, discretely.

Another technique used to write a report based on human behavior and mind involves detection method to be used. In this technique, a researcher is not confirmed about ‘why’ the subject is in abnormal state. So in this type of report, a lot of parameters, necessarily and unnecessarily, are covered in order to track the present state of patient. Moreover, this type of report can give extra information about patient’s position as well as it can be helpful for readers who want to know the complete history of subject disorders.

A more precise approach that can be added in this psychology essay is assumption based reporting. This type of psychological report follows an assumption based on statistical data, approximations, etc. collected about the subject. In this method, a strong assumption is made on the basis of patient’s condition plus data collected, and by following both, a researcher satisfies either the assumption is right or wrong. This type of report not only reflects psychologist’s experience and expertise in diagnosing the problem, but also helps reader not to get sidetracked.

There are many other formats in which a psychological report can be compiled. But, all of them has one thing is common – effective presentation of data. This effective presentation is the key to make your research report or paper significant and authentic. You can also buy custom-written research papers, if you are having difficulty in writing it. Moreover, you can also have your psychology essay written by a dedicated and active essay writing service, always there to help you.

The Fundamentals of Comparative Essay Writing at WritingBee.com

Characteristic Features of Comparative Essay Writing

Commonly, creating a comparative essay on any theme implies depicting either similarities or differences of 2 objects or notions. In other words, to cope successfully with this kind of essay, you ought to have knack for comparing or contrasting 2 things, events, personalities, theories, etc.

Furthermore, you should be able to organize the content of your paper in compliance with generally accepted writing criteria. It means that you have to be skilled in structuring as well as formatting academic papers.

In addition, your writing style matters a lot, as one of your primary goals when composing comparative papers is to draw the reader’s attention to your essay. Consequently, your paper needs to be stuffed with bright examples and solid arguments.

Feel a little bit embarrassed? Take it easy. The info presented below will surely help you to bring into existence a nice piece of writing.

The Structure of Comparative Essays

Obviously, appropriate structure appears to be a passport to success in comparative paper writing. But what should you know and do to create a perfectly organized essay on your own? Simply you need to be aware of the main essay constituents and their defining features.

  • The Introductory part. It must not be too long. One paragraph with relevant and concise thesis statement will do.
  • The main part or the so-called body of the paper. It may contain from 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the paper length. All differences and similarities of 2 things that are compared should be discussed in detail in this part of your essay.
  • Summary. It ought to incorporate a succinct outline of all info you’ve presented in your paper.

2 Main Comparative Essay Writing Methods

From all above-mentioned info, it is crystal clear that comparative papers happen to have a large number of peculiarities, which must be taken into consideration while writing them. There exist even 2 specially worked out comparative paper writing methods, which you can use to create a top grade essay.

  • Alternating method. It presumes identifying several related points of 2 things or objects. The author of essay uses them to contrast and compare 2 things.
  • Block writing method. It presumes that the writer should describe all similarities and differences of one thing and then of another.

Wholesome Recommendations to Follow

To make your process of writing comparative essays easier and not so nerve-racking, a team of pros from WritingBee.com has created a list of wholesome recommendations. They can be used free of charge.

  • Research different aspects of things, which you are going to contrast and compare.
  • Create a winning introduction and an eye-catching title for your essay.
  • Create a winning introduction and an eye-catching title for your essay.
  • Stick to the given citation style and make all references properly.
  • Try to write straight to the point. What is the sense of writing a paper that makes more heat than light?
  • Rewrite your paper, if you feel it is not good enough.
  • Double-check your essay and give it to anyone else to read before submitting it.

Remember that any time you want you may order a well-researched comparative paper from us. Place your order now and have more spare time for your hobby, family and friends.


Critical Analysis Essay: Learn To Create A Rational Impact

When you are asked to ‘critically’ analyze a subject, believe that you are in real trouble. Since, analysis of a subject itself is a good long process and to do it critically, you need your extra senses to be with you, all the time. Critical analysis essay is a pure summarized essay, written to reflect critical suggestions and arguments on a subject. Now, this subject can be a piece of literature, a personality or an action, a technology or a technological gadget, a research paper, etc. In this article, you will be explained about how to create a normalized effect in your critical analysis and how you should put in words – your critical suggestions.

To write such an essay, you need some what more than complete study of your subject. That means you need to study every aspect of the subject and need to create a summary of what you studied. As criticism involves judgment of appropriateness, so you should also know the loop holes of your subject. Task of a critic is to speak truth, and that is what you have to do, but effectively. Moreover, your critical analysis essay should always be unique. Try to analyze the idea, structure and logic of your subject and make a clear-cut statement of what should be added or taken out from the subject, in order to make it perfect. After you have written your essay, it’s better to have it proofread by some one professional. There is an online professional proofreading service available, which can help you out in this regard. Moreover, a professional essay editing service can also be considered for complete satisfaction with the content of your essay.

As an academic requirement, students are mostly asked to critically analyze other’s work or research. And if you are a student, you should be familiar with the types of critical analyses used:

•    Constructive Criticism – A delicate analysis appreciating the researcher with mild constructive suggestions included.

•    Hypercriticism – A pro-active criticism. Getting into small particulars and persuasively trying to find flaws and mistakes, which in some cases is considered pointless.

On the other hand, if you are asked to criticize your own work or research, you should be familiar with the terminology of self criticism. Writing a critical analysis essay of your own work can be little difficult thing, but it’s a good and constructive practice and helps you to explore and improve your self. Additionally, if you want, you can also buy essays, custom-written critical analysis essays written by professionals.

Always remember that your critical analysis’s ultimate goal should be the clarification of the subject, from a new dimension or side. So, never try to include personal comments or suggestions, as they will be considered biased. It can be said in a more formal way that critical analysis of a subject leads a researcher to the true and real aspect of the subject.

There are many formats in which you can write such an essay. Key point is to maintain the worth of your pen by writing it as professionally as you could. Moreover, an evaluating critical analysis essay is appreciated more by the readers and due to its validity; people make it a reference point for their research. For further help on writing essays and evaluating them, you can consider an excellent online writing service, which can help you in the process of writing, in a professional way.

Basic Rules For Writing An APA Style Essay

If you are willing to write an academic essay or a research paper, you need to follow a standardized documentation style. APA or American Psychological Association style of writing is one of the most common and practiced documentation techniques, used globally by students, researchers and independent writers. An APA style essay requires predefined methods to be followed in reference citation, text formatting, heading placement, figure depiction, arrangement of annotations and appendices. There are many other standard documentation techniques like MLA, Harvard, Turabian, etc., but, APA is the most common one in practice. This article will elaborate some very basic rules defined for writing in APA style.

1.    Page Format

•    Should be typed on a standard 8.5” x 11” white paper.

•    Line spacing should be double and the page should have all four side margins set to 1”.

•    Every page should have a header – author’s name on top right corner followed by page number.

•     First page should have author’s name, course name, instructor’s name and date of submission on the top left corner.

2.    Reference Citation

•    In text reference citation format: phrasequotation (Author, year of publication, page no written as p. xx).

•    Another way can be like: phrase Author’s name (year of publication) quotation (p. xx).

Normally, the APA style essay requires complete referencesource information to be included at the end of essay. For more information regarding in text citation of sources, you can take help from professional writing sources.

3.    Listing References

•    All the sources of references, which are cited in the text, are to be arranged in the alphabetical order and required to be listed on a separate blank page, at the end of your essay.

•    These source addresses should come under the heading of “References”, which is centrally aligned.

•    The title of source should be underlined or italicized.

After writing your essay, proofread it and take a complete overview. If you need further assistance on understanding the complete rules of APA style or you simply want to transform your research essay or into an APA style essay, a professional essay writing service can help you in this regard.

APA documentation style makes an essay more understandable, unique and above all, gives a touch of professionalism and genuineness to your essay. Moreover, an effective look can be obtained by taking assistance of online buy custom-written research papers – documented in APA style.

An APA style essay format is intricate and lengthy but considered a well-defined and very professional work. If you write your academic articles and college essays following APA documentation rules, your teachers and instructors will surely be impressed and give your work a prime importance among others.