Composing A Definition Essay

Definition essay is a piece of writing, written to explain or define an object, an event, a material body, a term or anything in detail. When you define anything in your essay, the definition you are giving should concern about more than its formal meaning or definition, present every where. Your objective, while writing such an essay, should be the analysis and study of the thing you are trying to define in detail. In this article, you will be explained about the characteristics of formal definition essays.

In almost every type of essay, you should begin with a thesis statement or proposal. For a definition essay, you need a strong proposal as you are going to give an ultimate idea that is related to something. Through out your definition essay, your statements should be aligned with your thesis. Next part deals with the introduction of your subject i.e. the very basic explanation or definition of your subject. This definitive explanation of your subject should be clear, concise and reflecting. It should clarify your (writer’s) point of view and approach on the subject. After a concise introduction, you deal with the body section of your essay and continue your explanation process in different paragraphs. This transition from introduction to body section should be smooth and should keep the reader’s interest alive in the subject and material of the essay. For guaranteed quality in the material of your essay, you need editing it to perfection. A good essay editing service is available online, which provides professional help in essay editing task – you can consider it.

In the body section, you need to support your definition of the subject through different examples. These examples should be clear, easy to understand and appropriate. The definition essay you write must give a unique explanation of the subject, aligned with your thesis statement. Your explanation can be based on the definition of any type. It means that your definition can be a comparison, analysis, classification, detailed, incidental, negative, cause-effect based, etc. You can also write an essay based on a definition which has the flavor of more than one types. In short, you have to give it your best shot – keep your audience with you. For more information on writing effective essays, you can consider online writing services.

Things that you need not to do:

•    Giving extra details and unnecessary information
•    Leaving major details unaddressed
•    Reciprocity of information conveyed before
•    Addressing two different sub-topics in the same paragraph
•    Giving non-specific definitions

Avoiding all these errors and by complying with all the rules explained above, you can create a perfect definition essay. Always remember that writing such an essay can be a difficult task; but writing itself is a very creative and demanding task, just like composing a good piece of music or creating a masterpiece of arts; give it a try. Last but not least; you can take help of a professional proofreading service to review your work as this step will assure your success. On the other hand, if you find difficulty writing definition essays, you can take assistance from an excellent essay writing service – online.

Successful Scholarship Essay Writing

Writing a scholarship essay or article requires more than just a head-body-conclusion formatting; it requires persuasiveness, attraction and lingual harmony with in the composition and flow of an essay. It requires grammatical excellence, content perfection and a clear unambiguous message reflecting through out its material. All because, it can give your academic career and research work a boost and ultimately, can provide you an opportunity to excel in your studies. For your convenience, you can also buy essays – custom written scholarship essays, on any topic of your demand.

In the following lines, you will be briefed about how to write a successful scholarship article or essay:

Topic Selection

This is one of the most important steps in writing any form of essay. Your topic decides your results. There is a clear distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ topics i.e. interesting and boring topics, respectively.  Try to select and modify a good topic and determine the objective of your content before writing it. Always remember, if you pose a thesis statement in your topic and prove it using logical arguments, your scholarship essay is considered an intellectual piece of writing. We have one good essay online, which gives some tips on topic formulation – do read it.


Be persuasive throughout your content. The force that you exert through the reasonability of your content is proportional to your success. Persuading and superimposing are two different things; try to find basic difference between them before writing.


Research is an obligatory part as it validates the reason of your essay. Give a good amount of time (4-7 days) to the research work and try to be in all the dimensions of your domain by studying variety of topics related to it. Richness of your material depends upon how deeply you deal with the subject. Researching not only provides you knowledge of the subject but also makes your essay content more revealing and bold.

Citation of Sources

The practice of proper and accurate citation (of all the relevant sources considered during the research period) is regarded as a professional principle of writing. More credible sources you provide, more genuine your scholarship essay becomes.


On a micro level, review each and every word after writing it or putting it in a sentence. On macro level, review the flow of your essay and try to put a linear beauty from beginning to the end. Moreover, it is very important to comply with the rules, exactly i.e. a 2000 words essay does not mean a 1999 words or 2200 words essay. For additional review, ask someone to help you find logical, grammatical, and structural loopholes in your essay. When you are done with writing your essay, take it to a friend and get some comments on it. Furthermore, read it loudly like a speech so that any flaw in its structure can be detected. You can also let your essay reviewed by professional proofreading services available online.  In short, do what best you can to polish your essay before submission, as it could provide you a chance to enjoy a promising academic future.

A perfectly composed and rich scholarship essay can impress your teacher (or checker) and it is a legitimate way in which you can persuade him or her to let you attain the scholarship.By following the above defined basic rules, you can create excellent scholarship essays. However, if you find difficulty in writing one; you can consider an excellent online writing service, which can assist you in writing an outstanding essay.

Proposals For Writing A Hamlet Essay

William Shakespeare produced some legendary tragedy novels during his writing period and Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is one of the most celebrated novels of all times. Written 1599-1601, this novel tells the story of Hamlet, the prince of Denmark and his revenge to Claudius – Hamlet’s uncle who killed his brother (Hamlet’s father and king of Denmark) to take the throne. This tragedy is based on the actions caused by human nature of anger, love, greed, evil, fear, etc. and it portrays the character of Hamlet surrounded by conspiracies, against him. As writing essay on Shakespearean novels since the beginning, is considered an honor and it shows the writer’s above average command on literature. There are excellent writing services online, which can provide you a professional assistance in the assignment of essay writing, but if you are willing to write or assigned to write an essay on a Shakespearean novel, for instance an essay on the Tragedy of Hamlet or simply a Hamlet essay, you should be aware of the theme and idea behind the novel in the primary position. In this article, you will be given some ideas about how to write such an essay in an intellectual way.

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Following are some of the ways out of many, to write a fine essay on Hamlet:

Discuss About Revenge of Hamlet:
With this theme, you should be discussing Hamlet’s passion to take revenge of his father, the king of Denmark. Discuss about the problems and conspiracies faced by the prince and mark his continuous struggle as compared to other Shakespearean characters of mainstream. Write about the nature of Hamlet and his response to this dishonest system and its dwellers. Writing a thesis about Hamlet’s revenge and character can be an appealing work for intellectual students because an excellent analytical thesis can be written on the subject. You can also take help of some professional thesis writing services in this task.

Talk About Immorality of Claudius:
Claudius is portrayed as a villain in this novel. You may write about Hamlet’s thoughts and actions against Claudius and even try to justify Claudius’s character in this tragedy by going against Hamlet. Always remember that a unique Hamlet essay or a literary research paper is highly appreciated by academic circles as well as by intellectual readers of literature. If you are having trouble in writing research papers in this particular field, you can avail assistance of professional research paper writing services available online.

Ophelia’s Love for Hamlet and its effect:
Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius (advisor and counselor to Claudius) and depicted to be in love with Hamlet. On the other side, prince Hamlet never responds to her actions and shows rudeness to her. At this point, you are having a big ground to play. Discuss Ophelia’s character with respect to the Polonius’s duties, justify Ophelia’s love or Hamlet’s rudeness in response. Point out and discuss about the prince’s behavior and thoughts about love and relationship in general.

Prince’s Motivation and King’s Ghost – Claudius and Polonius’s Fear:
According to the novel, the slain King of Denmark, old Hamlet’s ghost tells prince Hamlet about the murder. Now take this point in your Hamlet essay, and imagine about madness of Hamlet and its ultimate reaction on Claudius and Polonius, as Polonius’s daughter is shown to be in love with Hamlet. Try to find the turning point in the story. It could be the appearance of king’s ghost, attempts of Polonius and Claudius to kill Hamlet or can be any other event.

It is often said that Shakespearean works are multidimensional pieces of art. To investigate and analyze them, one needs a careful and professional sight with a writer’s passion. Additionally, a good amount of research is required before writing any thing on Shakespearean work, as it has been analyzed numerous times. However, you can have your Hamlet essay written by professional essay composers – online. Take advantage of online essay writing servicesand have your custom prepared essay provided to you in the shortest time.

Topic Selection For A Political Essay – An Overview

A political essay is an argumentative or suggestive essay that discusses an opinionated issue or a political ideology to its core and finalizes on some result, some times by taking evidences from past events. These essays are usually taken as assignments by the students and scholarship candidates, especially by those who are from main stream schools of law, philosophy, history and political sciences. Requirements for writing political essays are research in the field, knowledge of current history and understanding of political systems. It depends upon the case of subject that decides how an essay is to be written. In this regard, you may need some professional assistance. There is an excellent essay writing service available online which can help you in this matter.

We will go through our subject linearly. Topic of a political essay, as the name suggests, wants you to put an issue, a case or an ideological analysis in a single statement that is explanatory and illustrative. As all the political essays carry subjects which are based on theories having roots in political sciences, so the topic of your essay should be clear and obvious instead of being vague and unclear. For instance, topics like Democracy is the solution to mankind or Socialist model of a state are examples of clear and subject reflecting topics. An appropriate and clear topic is a key requirement for most academic essays, especially for scholarship essays to get success. So if you find it difficult to go with it, there is a good scholarship essay writing service online, that can assure you perfection and success in your results.

Actually, you can change your reader’s state of mind by doing a little modification in your essay topic. For case in point, we take the same topic of our political essay i.e. Democracy is the solution to mankind and check out its possible psychological impacts in different forms:

• Democracy is the solution to mankind – Our original topic, having straight forward meaning.

• Is democracy a solution to mankind? – In this case, it leaves a reader puzzled to make a decision  in other words evokes a rational thinking.

• Democracy is not the solution to mankind – This time, your reader has prepared his mind for reading an essay with a sense of negation backed up by some solid arguments.

• Democracy and possible solutions for mankind – Now, your topic is covering the domain of your subject through democratic point of view. In other words, you are coming from a democratic ideology and trying to provide solutions to mankind in your political essay.

In real, if you can notice, our first and last topics are very identical in their meanings, but a little change in their statements can transform their taste. Another idea to compose an outstanding topic is to keep it as short as it do not allows vagueness to get in, because short topics are often considered elusive. Moreover, we have an excellent article available online, which gives some tips about topic formulation of an essay – read it.

The topic of your essay is a very important aspect which transmits in a sight, the idea behind your statement. Logically speaking, it is a difficult task to find 100% perfect statement for an essay to serve as a topic, but 99% perfection is always attainable and possible. On the other hand, you can also buy essays if you wish perfection through professionalism in your political essay and its topic.

A Short Guide To Write A History Essay

A history essay is a precise and well-tailored piece of writing, which is solely dedicated to reflect an answer or an argument related to a certain claim or problem. Writing about historical events and discussing them in detail requires a good knowledge of the subject as well as a solid command on the science of reasoning and logic. It demands an inborn ability to produce excellent arguments and proving them with direct and contrapositive statements, efficient utilization of sources with accurate citations and strong grammatical senses. So, if you are advised or asked to write one, just simply start from studying all the necessary information about a particular topic from history and go for a thesis statement which you find easy to establish. As the purpose of this article is to help you with issues of writing a history essay, so following are some key points which you will definitely find informative and helpful.

Write Precisely:

To the point and clear-cut phrases are basic requirements of any essay. This makes the art of essay writing more graceful than of story writing. Remember that your task is to extract the information from the history sources you have read and present them in a perfect manner.

A Thought Provoking Thesis:

To make a firm argument or thesis, you need a strong base. Go for it and avoid making unnecessary assumptions while proving it which can definitely deny your argument, indirectly. In short, your thesis statement should be the best composed reflection of your argumentative idea. As your thesis statement is second to your topic, so try harder for an elegant topic. We have a good article which explains some key points for topic formulation of an essay, so do not forget to read it.

Judge the Credibility of Sources

In a history essay, credibility of your sources is an obligation. To judge and verify your sources for credibility, do a little research on the writer of your source. Look for his further writings and analyze if his work is biased. If you are working with online sources, read the comments on those sources, find their authentic citation references, contact the web author and ask web development team about the writer. Another way is to analyze through the method of comparative analysis i.e. compare the same information on different places or in related books. On the other hand, one option is to buy custom prepared research papers on particular topics, written by professionals.

Writing Mode:

Your way or mode of writing some how depends upon your subject. For example, if you are writing a history essay on literary developments of 19th century, you should give an extra light on the grammatical structure of your essay. Similarly, if you are writing on the account of mathematical or scientific maturity in a certain era, your main concern should be the events that happened. Same thing goes for writing on a person, civilization, etc. Again, never go out of your domain, as it brings a possible chance of your thesis negation. To avoid all this, you can also buy essays that are written in accord to your demand and subject – online.

Endnotes and Citation of References:

After you are done with writing the essay, make sure you list down all the sources and links in a proper format. It will help in creating an authentic look for your work as well as it is a professional practice. It reflects your dedication to convey the truth to your readers.

Although, writing a history essay is a difficult task not practiced by many, but it is surely not impossible to write one. It is natural that you can face some difficulties in this process. And for your easiness, you can also consider professional essay writing services and they will provide you custom written and professionally composed history essays according to your demand.

Suggestions For Writing A German Essay

During your academic career, you are to study historical values and norms of different parts of the world. On a higher note, you are introduced with some new traditions and a history of their rise and fall. In this regard, major languages of this world are also taught. German language is one of the world’s major languages. In academic career of a student, an exposure of German language and literature is considered obligatory by some major institutes. If you are asked to write a German essay, it can be concerned about following topics:

1.    German history

2.    German traditions and culture

3.    German language

4.    German scientific advancements

Germany has a rich history. From the early time of Julius Caesar crossing the Rhine to the Frankish empire and the Middle Ages, from the Holy Roman Empire’s Germany to the reformation and revolution, you have a lot of events to write. Or you can write on the role of Germany in both World Wars and their results’ impact on German history. Similarly, German traditions and customs are also very versatile and interesting. You can have a loads of material to read, when you come to research on these two topics. Or if you have all the information you need, but you can not put it into appropriate essay format, you can order custom essays that are written by professional writers – online.

A German essay about German language is also an excellent idea. As German language is one of the world’s major languages and spoken mostly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Poland, it is a unique idea to research on how these regions adapted this language. Moreover, a research essay can be written, analyzing the geographical coverage of German language and its blends in different parts of the world, statistically. Another idea can be a comparison of old and new versions of German language, its literature and poetry – with respect to its vocabulary and writing system. Adding to this, you can also buy research papers on these particular topics, with unbiased research information and true statistics. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a thesis, you can also take advantage from outstanding thesis writing services available online.

Writing about scientific advancements of Germany can be an attractive proposal and a thought provoking German essay. Fortunately, Germany has produced some top scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists, musicians and physicists. Gauss, Hilbert, Weber, Kant, Freud, Gestalt, Mozart and Einstein are some examples of German talent from different fields, provided to this world. German engineers, mathematicians and philosophers are still the leading figures in their respective fields around the world. So, you can write about them or simply their comparison with other scientists from different nations can be a unique idea. Another suggestion is to write about major economic and social developments of Germany after World War II or a study of modern era in Germany.

One advantage of writing on any of these topics is the gain of knowledge that usually comes after extensive study of the subject. So, if you are willing to write a German essay, studying is a compulsory part. On the other hand, if you want your work done in professional environment by experts, you can consider some excellent writing services available online for your support.

Ideas For Writing an Othello Essay

Writing an Othello essay is considered to be one of the most difficult and challenging task in the field of academic essay writing. Essays on Othello are basically literary articles analyzing the plot, characters and thesis of William Shakespeare’s wonderful creation, tragedy of Othello – The Moore of Venice, written back in 1603. It is a tragedy novel based on an Italian short story ‘Un Capitano Moro’ by Cinthio, published in 1565. A literary article based on Othello’s tragedy is often regarded as a scholastic work, which has a great value in academic writing field.

This tragedy has five main characters:

1. Othello – A Berber captain of Venetian army on Cyprus

2. Desdemona – Othello’s wife.

3. Iago – Husband of Emilia and villain in this tragedy.

4. Emilia – Iago’s wife.

5. Rodrego – A dissipated Venetian in love with Desdemona.

When it comes to the writing part of Othello essay, it is obligatory to read the novel first. It will help a lot in understanding the theme and idea behind the tragedy, for sake of doing justice with this great masterpiece. Second important thing is to remain with the character of Othello, define the incidents that happened to him and his relationship with other characters, shaping his own character. Also you have to analyze personalities, dialogues and events with Othello’s perspective. This analysis can be critical, justifying or simply can be formalistic. Additionally, you can read some scholastic research papers dedicated to the characters of this tragedy, for expanding your vision and thinking on the theme. If you need, you can buy research papers – custom-prepared in any format and in accord with any character of the novel.

When you are dealing with the characters and their roles in the novel, you are expected to define their relationship with each other in a bit explanatory form. Othello’s relationship and emotions tied with Desdemona, Iago’s character and villainy, emotions of Emilia for both Iago and Othello and Rodrego’s love for Desdemona should be the main focus of Othello essay. Since many Othello essays have been written before, so the real challenge is to come up with a new idea or angle of study. To write with a new perspective you need to be aware of most common reviews of the novel. Get aware with most common reviews for the novel by reading essays from different writers.

One additional way of writing a review of Shakespearian work is to analyze it from writer’s point of view. Familiarize with different tragedies and acts of Shakespeare and extract the emotional change that writer is developing or simply try to find the pattern and theme in different novels of the writer. This could be a unique way to write an Othello essay. Another way could be the characteristic comparison of Cinthio-Shakespearian Othello and identification of any difference, if any.

There are some custom essays and literary thesis writing services available online. That is why it is important to mention that you can also buy essays online – custom written and quality essays. Also, if you are looking for some good quality Othello essays, you can order an excellent essay composed just for you – online.

Useful Essay Editing Techniques

Writing an essay is always a wonderful experience in which you create words from words and align them properly to reflect some meaning. After that phase of creation comes the phase of rechecking or proofreading. From a film maker to a mathematician, it is a common practice of every professional to edit or finalize the work done before submission. Essay editing is a similar task that needs you to give some final touch to your work and become fully satisfied before submitting it.

You can buy a custom essay, if you urgently require some high quality and professionally edited work.  But if you intend to write and edit one your self, you need to follow some basic instructions that will save a good amount of work for you.

– After your essay is concluded, the first and most initial step is to look for grammatical mistakes. Punctuation, spelling and inappropriate grammatical errors can destroy the beauty of your work. Hunt them down!

– Revise your work with respect to its flow. Check for redundant words and replace them with synonyms, if elimination is not an option. Cut and modify longer sentences and convert them into shorter ones. This can be done by using rich words in your phrases that offer more precise meanings. Always remember that if an essay is missing its flow, it is considered as a pile of words instead of harmonious composition. Also look up and solve common writing problems that occur unconsciously.

– Essay editing also involves critical analysis of your work. That means to look at your work as a critic and detect useless and inappropriate things that should not be the part of your work. Analyze whether your essay is conveying its real message to the reader – the message YOU wanted to convey.

– Give necessary attention to each and every sentence and read your work twice for the detection of logical loopholes. Think and work on the title before and after working on your essay and bring necessary transformations to it, if needed.

– It is a good practice to keep all subtopics in different paragraphs. If any subtopic needs longer space, give it an appropriate room and try to condense the next one. For instance, in the case of research paper writing, your subtopics should be really well-placed under appropriate sub-headings and must be in proper sequence, to guarantee the flow.

– It is a good idea to ‘listen’ your work. But, it is not an obligatory part of essay editing if you are confident enough.

– Check all the links and sources you provided in the end.

– The conclusion must contain an extract of your idea. To get a best conclusion on your paper, read all the key points of your essay and conclude them respectively.

Nothing is 100% perfect around us nor can we produce one. But the struggle to make things as ideal as they can be tends to the original perfection. Essay editing basically is an effort cum approach to bring that excellence in your work and produce some excellent essays. Always remember that if your essay is free of grammatical mistakes, having its intrinsic flow, full of rich words and divided into equally placed subtopics then your success is guaranteed in the field of writing.

Guidelines For Writing A Research Essay

Research essay writing is an ever complex issue which demands you to present your ideas in a quite acceptable form. No matter your idea or thought is right or wrong, but you have to submit it to the world in a decent manner – so they can acknowledge that at least you have researched on some thing. There are thousands of research papers from different students and scientists are available on internet. If you may want to write one, there are some guidelines that you need to follow. In normal essay writing you are to start from introduction step, move towards the essay body and finally conclude it linearly. But when you get on writing research papers, you have to follow these steps more precisely. So if you have done your research work, it is time to write it in a proper manner.

Following are the main constituents of a research essay :

  • Topic Selection:

Topic of your essay should be carefully selected and formulated. The topic of your essay should be one which can clearly reflect the material inside your essay. There is a complete tutorial available online for formulation of essay topics – have a look at it.

  • Foreword:

Foreword or Introduction is a common thing that every essay possesses. However, it depends on the topic of your essay that how long you should be broadening your introduction section. If carefully selected words with out any ambiguous meaning are used, a perfectly proportioned introduction or foreword can be created which helps a lot in explaining the genre of your research itself.

  • Hypothesis:

Hypothesis is basically your argument statement or proposed thesis. It should be very concise and meaningful as on this notion, your entire essay is based. This hypothesis may be based on your original idea or an extension of another idea, but its elaboration is done on basis of the domain your hypothesis is covering. Thesis writing is considered a difficult task, as it requires to put your crude thoughts into linguistic shapes. That is why you have to  think a lot, before you write in this section.

  • Background:

This section covers the historic background of your essay and quick information about any other research that has been previously done on that particular topic. If more than one previously done relevant researches are necessary to include, summarize them under respective subtitles. This gives your research essay a professional touch and also reveals your knowledge on the background of your topic.

  • Main Body:

This is where you explain your idea based on the posed hypothesis and explain its implementation given under the historic background you explained and the selected domain. Most commonly, this is done by spreading your research under chapters or giving subtitles to important points. Always remember, if you fail to explain your idea clearly, your research article is considered vague and thus meaning less. Give diagrammatic and graphical illustrations of your idea and move towards the conclusion section in a collected manner. After completing your body section, give it a thorough review and look for loopholes, if there are any.

  • Conclusion:

This is the part where you conclude your essay, summarize all the key points and successfully fulfill your hypothesis

  • Citation of Sources:

All the sources from which you took information regarding this essay, including all the website links are placed in this section.

In this manner, a full professional research essay is composed. There are also many other ways to write effectual research essays, but the most general and common way is the one explained above. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a professionally written and customized essays according to your demand, you can also buy some excellent custom essays online.

Key Points For Writing A Persuasive Essay

It is being said that if you want to influence your system persuasively, do it with your pen (or fingers). A piece of influential and persuasive writing can even change minds of masses or can bring a new theory for this entire system. Every one around can write, but the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ writing skills is defined by the level of expertise and learning – only proportional to our ability of eliminating common writing problems. A persuasive essay or an article is quite well enough to describe your personality in terms of your approach and mindset, in front of your readers. In this article I will discuss some key points for writing a ‘powerful’ essay, assuming that you are grammatically sane:

  • Stick to the topic:

Always intend to stick with the topic. It makes your piece of writing interesting as well as understandable for your readers. If you are a student and you are asked to write some good essays or a thesis report, do not try to diverge from your topic or in simple words, never swing your stuff over the head of your instructors but make it easier and word to word clear for them. This approach is a basic necessity for a piece of writing to be influential.

  • Move with a moderate pace:

Dynamic shifts in the theme of your essay can distort the idea behind your writing. Convey your message keeping in mind that your readers expect you to walk along with them. In some cases writers are required to move with some rapidity. In this condition, summarize your idea in the ending lines of your essay so that readers can catch it.

  • Accomplish your purpose:

A persuasive essay, no matter how short or long it is, always tends to convince readers and thus transmits your thought. So, expect your readers to read between your lines and receive the message.

  • “Jargonize”:

Use some jargon if necessary, as it develops a good and refreshing impact of your writing plus it also increases the acceptability of your essay. This never means to over load your essay with jargon, but handle them as they are gems and utilize them carefully and not redundantly.

  • Valid argumentation:

Argue and justify your ideas sensibly.  It means you should never try to prove some thing with absurdity and using illogical statements. A persuasive essay is one which is sensibly structured and quite plausible by the readers.

  • Bell-Curve approach:

A typical bell-curve approach makes an essay to rise linearly, touch the maxima and to end linearly. It means your first paragraph should be an introduction, middle sections are to be linear progressions of the subject and ending sections should be summarizing. This results in an excellent and controlled piece of writing – a work of genius.

A well written and influencing essay is considered next to nothing. Your personal motive beside your core purpose of writing a potentially persuasive essay is to get knowledge. When you are knowledgeable enough to educate people and help them out in their writing problems – especially in article or essay topics formulation and sharing of ideas from these topics, your own writing becomes a source of inspiration for others. This is not as easy as it looks, but nothing is impossible – only if you move your fingers!