5 reasons why your teacher may give you less score than you deserve

Students are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance. Some of them often feel that they are being sorted like potatoes. Those are the good ones. These are strictly for the birds. The reasons of sorting are mysterious and mostly ridiculous. That isthe way ithas alwaysbeen criticized at all levels.

What is good about downgrading?

Some are convinced that lower grades motivate students to try harder. However, Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and “Tougher Standards” claims that student performance does not improve when instructors give less score than they deserve. In addition, making it relatively easy to get a good grade does not lead students to do inferior work.

F grade

Have you ever felt that your interest in learning is diminished because you tried really hard, had sleepless nights and liters of coffee, overwhelming stress and then got a C? Anyone would crash and burn!

Students VS tutors.Round one

Nobody knows why some tutors may act subjectively. Every case is individual. However, here is a list of 5 most common reasons:

  1. Illusions about motivation.Yeah, as it hasbeen said earlier. Some tutors are crazy enough to give you less score because they think that it is good for you. The answer is a lemon!
  2. Discrimination. Racial and gender discrimination of students sometimes become a reason of lower grades. Receiving a lower score just because you are a guy or have black skin color? And what if you are a black-skinned guy?
  3. Discipline.Some tutors are annoyed by those students who are being naughty. So, they take revenge!
  4. Status. So, you do not have an Armani handbag, and you do not get to school on a Bentley? You get an F for your essay!
  5. Appearance. There are a lot of rebels among the teenagers. Dear, hippies, punks, emos, metalheads, and goths, you better leave your bracelets, Metallica T-shirts, and heavy make-up at home, because you are in danger!

As far as I can tell, there are nobenefits of giving lower grades to struggle against students. Mostly, it leads only to negative consequences. Children may completely lose any desire to learn and end up 20 years old and jobless, watching TV and eating potato chips.

Advantages Of Banner Advertising Marketing Essay

The key of successful business is the business how to promote the product and services to all readers by using the online. According to the statistical data, more of the 80% people will everyday surf through the technologically such as internet. So, the internet has becomes an indispensable part of people’s lives. Thus, it can be considered a wide channel for the business which wants to promote their products and services to all the people. The online advertising method has becomes the most popular method for the business. It is because online advertising is easy and low advertising cost. Besides that, the online advertising also have a lot of the readers or viewers.

There are many method of online advertising that can used to promote the product and services such as bloggers advertising, banner advertising, email advertising, forum advertising and so on. But in this assignment, I would like to go on deep about the banner advertising.

Advantages of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a most important component of web-business creation. It is a good method for make profits via the website. It is because banner advertising is very simple and easy by just sign up an affiliate programs and follow the instruction given to create an attractive banner that link your website with the advertiser. We can free to choose the design of the layout and content of our site. With the pay-per-click advertisements, we can get paid from viewer who clicked on your banner. Moreover, it is easier for viewers to remember the company name. On the other hand, it become more effective and convenience compare when compare with other online advertising.

Furthermore, the banner advertising is inexpensive. It normally counts by the size of the banner or loads of a banner advertisement, a cost per miles (CPM) for a minimum purchase. For example, if you make a banner ad on Yahoo, it cost you a CPM of $20 – $25 or even on any other free exchange network such as AskLink. It is much cheaper than other advertising media. Compare with others, the small firm or company can afford for the banner advertising cost. In addition, by using the banner advertising that can easy got a lot of larger audiences and target segments can be accessed.

Last but not least, with the banner advertising, we can share the information at anywhere and in any times. It is because the internet is links worldwide. So, everyone can access to the Internet 24 hours daily thus the banner advertisement created can be logged on anytime and anyplace. Besides that, publisher also update the product and service information release products and services as well as promotion instantly.

Writers and Editors

Writers and Editors

A lot of people know that there exist such writing jobs as a writer and editor. A lot know but very few realize what they do, how they perform and what different complications they face each day while working.

To make everything fall into place let’s clarify a bit and try to show what writers and editors do, who they are and what they have to challenge to succeed in their task.

Where do they work?

A writer and an editor are both widely spread professions all over the world. In most cases places where you can meet either one or another are more than various. For, example, a writer can easily be an employee of a periodical newspaper or a marketing company. Meanwhile an editor can occupy a position in a financial holding or on TV channel.

In our particular case, we will consider only online writing services and writers and editors who deal with essay writing.

Online writing services are offices which provide various writing assistance on any matter. Applying to such a service, one can easily order an essay, a dissertation, a research paper or any other writing piece done without any efforts. This is where writers perform.

As well, one in need may the same way order editing works online. There are a lot of situations when you have got a writing document, a simple essay etc. and you are not sure about writing clarity or whether you are strict to instructions or not. In this case he or she will call on editors’ services to come in action.


A writer is a person who performs composing and writing tasks on stated topics. The main goal of a writer is to make an order fit all requests.


An editor is the one who checks tasks performed by a writer and make all needed adding works and corrections. He searches if there are any mistakes and makes decisions concerning clarity and suitability of a completed assignment.

Help: essay writing service

When a student finds himself in a difficult situation and realizes that the deadline is near, more often than not he or she applies to special writing services. In this case all is needed – to type write my essay in a search line, press enter and the solution will appear before eyes.

Thus, when you need writing help, remember that it is provided by one of those writers and editors.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make

Freelance writing refers to one of the most popular writing jobs. Freelance writers are self-employed people who usually don’t have a constant employer and actually have a choice from among a huge variety of assignments provided by various hirers. As there is no factual supervisor, questions of how much freelance writers do and how much freelance writers make are up to agreements between a freelance writer and one who hire.

To answer how much a freelance writer make, first let’s find out how much freelance writers do.

As we have already clarified the amount of work depends on agreements. In different cases it may rely on different reasons.

How Much…?

• how much print signs you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much words you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much pages you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much time you can spend per day/week/month etc.;
• how much money you require per print signs/words/pages/spent time.

Basically, those terms can vary and change again up to agreements.

For example

if you perform about 10 000 signs a day it equals to five A-4 pages per day. If you make some calculations and variations you can make a table of your own requirements and abilities as a writer.

As a rule

an average novice freelance writer makes about 25 – 30 $ per day, though there are a lot of exceptions. If your professional skills are higher than above-average, you can easily raise the bar of payments. And vice versa, if your beginning abilities leave much to be desired, it would be better not to overprice. There is always time to improve.

When you are dealing with a particular client

first find out how many assignments he can give you and then set the price. If a hirer can assign you not more than 5 – 10 pages a week, you can easily request big money for that. On the other hand if an employer can overload you with work and provide it every day, you’d better lower the price as ultimately you will earn more.

There always are students, pupils and other people receiving an education. Most of them are busy or lazy and not eager to write essays. So, freelance writers are to the rescue.
Of course, all of the above must be adjusted according to a particular situation, your skills, hirer’s ability to pay and your ability to perform.


to set an adequate price for your work, decide how much you want to earn per month. And then using simple multiplication and division define your own salary.

The next step is not to forget the following, deciding how much freelance writers make.

What to remember:

• do not overprice and don’t understate;
• make your personal price/amount-of-works schedule;
• always improve your skills first and only then rise your prices;
• do not take a task you are not able to finish;
• there is no easy money.

And still, if your decision is to become a freelance writer, your first question must be not how much a freelance writer make, but how you can make money. Professional writers have their own bases and clients they work with. For novice ones there are always some abilities to perform essay writing, editing and article writing. And the more you will study and improve the more abilities you will get.

Freelance writing jobs online – favor for others, benefits for yourself!

What are the main reasons for employment for freelance?

Freelance writing job is essential for those who want to sharpen mind activities, improve writing skills, and reinforce position in academical society.

Of course, an experienced specialist with solid background knowledge has wide horizons of creative activity outside the office. That is why job cannot be considered as a factor that can fasten specialist to the official place nowadays.

There are a lot of reasons for employment for freelance:

  • Routine work in office
  • Low wages
  • Desire to work independently
  • Self-assurance in acquired skills

Our employment for freelance writers will give you a possibility to turn your knowledge into material benefits!

What are the advantages of online writing jobs?

There are a lot of desperate students who wonder how to write essays. Thus they are writing to ask “Write my essay” to various custom writing services. That is why writing services offer employment for freelance writers.

Let us imagine that you have outstanding writing skills, sufficient background knowledge of a particular field of study, ability to collect and analyze and interpret different scientific pieces of evidence for the research and you have mastered the art of argumentation and presentation. In this case there are no obstacles for you to become a freelance writer!

  • Practice makes perfect! That is why one of the most important aspects of such job is a chance to develop your skills.
  • Financial support is another advantage provided by freelance job
  • Here you can get full marks for your scientific researches
  • Comfortable time management is at your service
  • With help of freelance you will have a possibility

Why work with us?

WritingBee.com is well-known high-quality academic writing service provider. Six years of experience in industry are self-explanatory. Our team is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable. Our essay writing is widely known by its exceptional quality. That is why all our newcomers must confirm level of their qualification through check tests.

One of our most attractive features of cooperation with our writers copes with the amount of work done by them. The more they work the more they can earn. Also our writers have a possibility to select the type and number of orders to their liking.

You are able to choose your working hours and conditions at your convenience. Make no bones about rewarding: in case if you stick to the essay writing standards and meet the deadline of the projects your work will be rewarded properly. We encourage all talented and experienced writers to cooperate with us!

So fill in the registration form with the due attention to all details and become a precious member of our friendly team.

Descriptive Essay Sample

The description, gives the reader, or audience, a visual idea of the object or subject. If you manage to find a good descriptive essay sample, it would help you understand how to frame a good description.

King Lear Essay

Things to Include in King Lear Essays

The most interesting thing about King Lear is the many different ways in which audiences and readers have responded to it. This reveals a great deal about the complexity of what is considered as one of Shakespeare’s most famous literary works of all time. This complex work of literature is a tragedy that masterfully blends complicated characters and themes, intense emotions and an exquisitely intricate plot with profound depth. All this needs to be portrayed in your King Lear Essay.

There are lot of things that you can write about in your essay. Just like in any introduction to an essay, start by talking about the most important points of King Lear. You can discuss the themes, the plot, the characters, the questions it raises and the different interpretations of audiences and readers. Essays on King Lear can be of any essay length.


Shakespeare’s King Lear contains a wide range of themes that people can relate to in all times. These are themes of justice, nature, insanity, love and introspection. These themes apply to everyone regardless of culture, religion and the era. All those who read the play find some aspect that they can relate to. Your King Lear Essay can also discuss other themes that are found in the play like greed, fate, suffering, cruelty and the lust for power.


It is still a matter of debate whether Shakespeare intentionally created characters that were immensely complex while at the same time remaining vague with regards to detail. Some critics believe this is a structural flaw in Shakespeare’s writing whereas others believe that this was cunningly done intentionally. This vagueness is noticed most prominently when it comes to Cordelia, one of the characters in the play. The impression of vagueness is also present in the character of the fool. Another issue of long term debate is with regards to the fate of the fool. Critics have deliberated whether the disappearance of the fool from the plot was done intentionally to create an air or mystery or whether it was a careless error on the part of Shakespeare.


King Lear Essays must discuss the use of emotions in the play. These emotions help convey the complexity of the characters in the play. King Lear expresses a full range of extreme emotions which makes it very difficult to accurately get a picture of his character. He is portrayed differently in accordance to the various themes of the play.


The best part about King Lear is that everyone finds what they are looking for in it. King Lear Essays must express how this play has managed to get so many different interpretations from all those who have read or seen it. This is one of the most important points that you must incorporate in your essay. Also, people’s interpretations change as they themselves change. At 16 a person would think the play is all about the blinding of Gloucester. The same person at age 30 would see it as a play based on a terrible family life while at the age of 60 the person may interpret it to be about ageing.

Essays on King Lear require proper study and analysis of the play. If you feel you need help you could always buy an essay.

Free English Essays

How Do Free English Essays Help.

Since a very long time English essays have been a source of entertainment and enjoyment for writers as well as readers. The fact that Free English Essays exist over the Internet has been a source of great joy to all those who are avid readers. However, free essays also serve another purpose; they help students understand the way in which essays must be written and guide them towards their goal of writing excellent essays. You can find free essays on a variety of subjects and topics; there are essays that can teach you how to write a scholarship essay, how to write analytical essays and much more. Best of all, you can find free essays on essay length and on any essay format.

Students all over the world share a common goal – to get good marks on their essay assignments. Free essays are excellent reference sources and are great guides for framing compositions, an area that a lot of students face difficulty in. These essays normally come with an assurance of good quality and also provide keen insight into the subject topic that they are based on. However, you should keep in mind that not every site will provide free essays that are of a good quality. Some of the sites that offer free essays do not maintain a very high standard of writing and provide substandard essays with grammar errors and flaws in the essay style and format. Therefore, if you are thinking of looking at free essays for guidance, you need to ensure that you are looking for these essays on a reputable website that follows a high standard of quality.

Free English Essays can be found on numerous websites and can be found on several styles, formats and topics. These essays are usually written as per the norms and structures required by college and university professors. Because of this, these essays help students gain awareness of the process required for structuring an essay. Most free essays are also divided according to category; you can therefore easily and conveniently find essays that specifically cater to high school English essay requirements, mid-level English essay requirements and lots of others.

If you are looking for a Free English Essay for a specific topic there is no need to fear. There is a huge range of free essays written on every conceivable topic, available for you to read and learn from whenever you feel the need. Topics of free essays can range from language plays to poetry to fiction. Most importantly, these free essays are normally written by academicians who have years of expertise behind them. This makes them an excellent source of guidance and a great learning asset.

It is important that you remember that these essays are only meant to serve as reference work and they cannot be copied and submitted as your own work. Every Free English Essay that is available belongs to the person who has written it. If you need helping writing your own essay you could buy an essay or look for an essay writing service that offers custom essays.

Using the Right Essay Format

Most of us know that the way to write an essay in the most basic format is to break it up into parts. The first part is the introduction to the essay, the next is the main body part and the final part is the conclusion. This is the basic essay format; however your essay length will depend on what your topic is and how many words you are supposed to write.

Your essay introduction will cover the major aspects of the essay, and your chance to make an impact on the reader begins with the introduction. In this paragraph, outline the subject of the essay, and describe the structure of the essay in brief. For instance, if your essay is about a historical event, you can mention how you divided your essay to cover all aspects of the historical event. Also, ensure that you state in the introduction what you hope to achieve at the end of the essay.

The body of the essay will cover the major portion of your writing. This can go on to two, three or as many paragraphs as your word limit allows. In the body, elaborate on what you mentioned in the introduction, give supporting evidence, facts and figures. If you have multiple instances or features to discuss and many examples to support them with, make sure that you divide each feature into a separate paragraph and discuss it at length. This will also assist in guaranteeing that the essay format is following the right and prescribed guidelines.

Your conclusion should reinstate your thesis statement that was outlined in the introduction and should be a summary of what you wanted to speak about and what inference you drew from your analysis. Try to restrict your conclusion to a few sentences because you’ve already discussed enough in your other paragraphs.  After all, you don’t want your reader getting bored with your conclusion after enjoying the whole essay!

While the above is the basic essay format, when we come to formatting styles for academic writing, APA style of writing and MLA style of writing are the most commonly followed and adhered to styles.  Harvard style of writing is also a popular style. All these styles differ in the styling of titles and headers, paper and font sizes, margins, page numbers, space allocation etc.  In the Harvard style, the author’s name, the year, place and title of publication are required to be included. In the APA style, double spacing with a one inch margin is used and in the MLA essay format, the last name of the writer along with the page number makes up the heading.

Whatever be the essay format, remember that the most important thing is the content of your essay. However, following the right format is also important and having both, that is the right format and useful content will ensure that your essay is well written.

Writing Satire Essays

Satire has been around as long as people have been. Have you ever really listened to some of the nursery rhymes? “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!” That was a satire in rhyme of the black plague! Or “Rock a by baby, in the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And down will come baby, cradle and all!” Nice little lullaby, right? Wrong. It was a political satire, in rhyme, about an illegitimate king and the planned revolution to unseat him. Often rhymes and fairytales were used as political satire when a government wouldn’t permit actual objections. Satire essays were also used to illustrate the anger or even the humor than some citizens felt toward those who ruled them.

Some people are good at satire and some are far from it. It isn’t hard to tell which is which, just look at political cartoons and listen to comedians and you can see where the satire is done best. Usually, if a student does not have a humorous outlook on life they would rather just buy an essay instead of having to do it themselves.

Satire essays are not necessarily only about politics. Almost anything can be used to make a satirical point. For example, if your employer has a particular habit or speech pattern that can be exaggerated, it’s easy to satirize when he or she does something worth the effort. Making employees work late when the boss leaves early can be satirized by the old saying “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.”

One of the best satirists of all time was Will Rogers. He was a comedian, writer, trick roper and actor. Born in the Oklahoma territory in the 19th century, his performing heyday was the 1920’s and 1930’s. He died in 1935, in an airplane crash. His humor and satire were funny and gentle at the same time. He’d often say “I’ve never met a man I didn’t like.” Little did he expect to be involved in satire even after his death, but it became a popular saying, “Obviously, Will Rogers never met you!” directed at an unpleasant person.

To create successful satire essays, it’s important to find something to say that isn’t downright hateful. A little exaggeration is acceptable and humor always finds a willing audience. The essays must contain enough grains of truth that they are relevant and not totally obscure, or you’ve defeated the whole point. But it doesn’t work well if it’s too blatant, either. There’s a fine line and the only way to understand the line and use it wisely is to know your subject well and phrase the words carefully. For example, it isn’t satire to call someone an idiot. However, you can mention that whatever the price was for their education was a waste of spare change. When arguing with someone that you don’t mind insulting, a satirical comment might be “Fighting with you is like having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.”

Satire essays can be great fun, if they’re done right. Depending on the requirements for essay length, this can be effectively done as a 250 word essay or much longer. The trick is to enjoy making fun of your topic.