What is a Process Essay?

A process essay is a kind of essay that describes a certain procedure. It is a kind of essay that explains a process, step by step in order to achieve a particular outcome. Explaining the process and in a chronological manner may be done numerically or show the procedure step by step. The best and easiest way to write a process essay is to keep it simple. Having this in mind will help the student write the essay without having to confuse the processes.

Here are a few guidelines on how to write a process essay.

  • Consider the skill level of your audience.

Whatever process it is you wish to describe in your essay, you need to consider the skill level of your audience. This will guide you especially on knowing what language to use. If it is an audience who are just learning how to read and understand the process, it would be alright to use beginners’ language. If your audience however already have great expertise, you may consider not having to use language that is too basic.

  • Have a list of all the material needed.

Since you are explaining a process, you need to go through it from the beginning to the end. After that, consider writing down all the materials one would need for the success of the entire process. You may also consider briefly explaining what each material would be use for in the process.

  • Have an outline of the entire task.

Perhaps your task is to cook a certain kind of meal. Here, ensure that you list out the steps needed to successfully cook the meal. You may begin by explaining what the meal is and how it is useful. Then after, you can elaborate the steps of cooking the meal.

  • Ensure to have the attention of your audience.

In this part, you have the attention of your audience fully. How you introduce your essay will matter a lot. Consider using language that is simple but lively. You can briefly explain why the process you intend to take them through is so important. Once you have captured their attention, you can be sure that they will go through the entire process.

  • Give a time estimate for your process.

No one wants to sit down all day reading an essay. Not even in this case, where you may be trying to explain the simplest of processes. As you are taking your audience through the process, ensure to mention roughly how much time it may take before attaining the final result. If it takes too much time because of the material needed, you may advise your audience to have all material ready in advance. This prevents them from having to move from place to place looking for the necessary material.

  • Highlight and present your thesis statement.

As you conclude your introductory paragraph on your process essay, highlight the thesis statement. This is where you explain to your audience what problem you ought to look at and a possible way of getting a solution to the same. This will kind of give the process essay the need to have it read to the end.

  • If you have an outline, consult it.

Ensure that your outline is next to you as you write the body of your process essay. The outline is meant to guide you through, so that you do not mix up sentences and the steps. You should be very careful when it comes to multiple steps. Ensure that the order follows through correctly from the beginning to the end.

  • Have your body in simple and precise paragraphs.

Most students tend to stuff all information in one paragraph. Some are too wordy and others too lengthy. To ensure that you keep your reader in check as he goes through your essay, break down the paragraphs. They should contain short sentences. They should also be precise and to the point. This is not just to keep your reader reading, it is also to help understanding of the process easier.

  • Have transitions in between the steps.

Use words such as ‘now, ‘then’, when explaining a particular step. This will not only make your essay easy to read and understand, it makes the process easy to do and to achieve.

  • Avoid making statements using the first-person pronoun.

If you want to build the trust of your audience when explaining the process, do not make it sound like you are the success of the process.

  • Ensure to mention any cautionary points.

Every process includes something that should not be done. This explains why any person who goes ahead to do it messes the entire processes. In your process essay, clearly describe the caution that should be taken. This will ensure that your reader will achieve a successful process, once they follow through all the steps, avoiding what should be avoided.

  • Talk about the end product and what to do with it.

If you were explaining the process of how to make a certain kind of meal, talk about what exactly to do with it after it’s done. You may ask your audience to serve it and also give a way in which it should be served. Rice, for example, should it be served hot and what should accompany it? This helps not leave your readers without any kind of suspense.

  • Once again mention the importance of the task.

There are people who have probably made the same mistakes over and over, trying to have a similar successful process. Stating a second time the importance of this particular task helps your audience know how to right the wrong they make from time to time. Restating this importance may include some praise for your process and having achieved it successfully.

  • Ensure that there is ease in reading your process essay.

Here, you are done writing your essay. It is a process essay and you therefore need to confirm if there is any mix up and if the processes follow each other as they should. If not, ensure that all is well placed in your essay to avoid confusing your reader in any way. For instance, if you feel there are certain paragraphs that are too wordy, you can choose to minimize some words. If there are statements that probably don’t make sense, you can eliminate them from your essay.

  • Make time to proof read your essay before submission.

It would be such a disappointment to use up so much time writing your essay and submit it before proofreading. This would result to your tutor sending the essay back for rewriting or correcting of so many errors. To avoid going through this, it is important to ensure that you check your essay before submitting. Correct any grammatical errors. These small errors may have a great negative impact on the reader because they may get confused from it. Ensure words are correctly used to avoid altering the meaning that was meant to be given.

  • Finally, have some organization.

It is important to be very well organized in your essay. Do not have some very long sentences while others are very short. How you write your process essay should be clear. Sentences in this case need to be short and to the point. Organization helps in making the essay sound like it is making sense. Disorganization on the other hand helps to confuse the reader all the more.


A process essay can take up so much time as you try to put things together and into perspective. What is recommended is that you use up enough time for research, on the process you hope to describe to your readers. A few things may lead to a poorly written process essay. They include:

  • Distractions while writing.

If you need to write a good essay, it is important to have minimal or no distractions at all. Such distractions may include social media, text messages and phone calls and having to move from time to time. Set a time target to ensure you have finished your writing without having to get distracted.

  • Consulting too many medias for reference.

If you need to have precise information, stick to one or just a few sources. Many sites with information are often scam and may lead to a poorly written essay. Research prior to ensure that you identify a source that will provide you with all the information that you need.

There are students who would use up the shortest time possible for an essay that needed a lot of time to complete. They would therefore just copy and paste someone’s work from the internet and submit the essay. This is highly prohibited in writing and may results in penalties as well as dismissals. You need to ensure you research in depth on the particular process you intend to write about. Enough time for research allows for creativity and uniqueness in writing.

In conclusion, we can say that writing a process essay is not a difficult task? What it needs you to do is to have a process you are well conversant with. This helps in structuring the essay from beginning to end, in a way that will not confuse your audience.

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