What is an expository essay?

In an expository essay, a student is supposed to have an idea that they are able to expound. Bringing out the idea in a clear and concise manner will involve some argumentative part of the claims, and a result that is straight forward. The idea is mostly derived from the topic that the student chooses to work with. Expository writing is in itself a skill because most professionals today, require to have it. It is meant to bring out any kind of idea in a straight forward manner. There are requirements then that help in writing a good expository essay. Before writing this essay, it is important to know the structure. First, there is the introduction bit. The next three paragraphs talk about the topic and the main idea, with supporting information. Finally, there is the last paragraph which is the conclusion.

  • Select a topic

In this part, you need to know what you want to talk about to your audience. For example, you could choose a topic like, why it is important to consume more white meat than red meat. The topic should not be very complicated. You do not want to spend all your material trying to figure out how exactly to narrow down the topic. The kind of topics students should work with in an expository essays are topics that will ring questions in the mind of the audience. They should be familiar topics but with information that your audience did not have.

  • Research on the topic.

You have selected the topic. The second important thing is you will need to do a little research on it. For instance, if you still choose to work with why it is important to consume white meat more than the red meat, research on the benefits of the white meat and the disadvantages of too much red meat consumption. Having this information will help you when you come to writing your claim.

  • Consider your audience.

Who are you writing this essay for? Are they able to well relate with your topic? Are they people who will find your information helpful, or people who will not care at all? This is information that is very important to have, and these are also very important questions. You want to write an essay for an interested audience. You could choose to capture an audience of young people who are trying to prevent themselves from suffering ailments such as cancer related ailments.

  • Understand your topic.

You have identified the topic, done some research on it, but have you understood it? Before you start writing your expository essay, brainstorm. There is some information you may already have about this topic. What you know, your audience may know as well. Doing a basic research and taking notes will help you identify something new. Note it down so that you will use it as a way to capture your audience’ attention.

  • Create your draft.

Remember, this is not your main essay. You need to create a simple outline you can work with, once you begin writing. In this draft you will create a thesis statement and a flow of your expository essay.

When you have done all the above, you are now ready to write your expository essay, expounding on the five paragraphs that constitute it.

  • Write your introduction.

The introduction acts as the main part of your essay. From your introduction, the audience you are reaching out to need to totally relate with your introduction. Have a kind of hook or some statement that will make them want to read more of your essay. You can start your introduction by saying, ‘It is important to note that most health related issues come about as a result of too much read meat consumption…’ Such a statement will especially cut deep those who have a habit of eating too much red meat. They will want to know what effects it may have on their health.

You have captured their attention.

  • Expound on your thesis.

The thesis statement is still part of your introduction. It should be to the point, offering a solution to the identified problem. For example, you can mention that there are health benefits of consuming white meat occasionally as opposed to taking too much red meat. Expounding on such a point is still a way of capturing the attention of your audience.

  • Write the narrative of your expository essay.

This is done in the body of the essay. It focuses more on the thesis statement because it aims at explaining your claim. That is, why you think red meat is not as healthy as the white meat. From the research you had initially carried out, and the notes you had taken down, you should be able to give evidence and statistics that support your claim. You can give a list of diseases that come about as a result of red meat consumption. They may include cancer, ulcers and other coronary related illnesses. You now have to give a solution to this claim so that your readers may find your essay useful. For example, you could mention that white meat is important for roughage and also helps prevent constipation.

  • Support your evidence if there are opponents.

You may have given some benefits in your narrative but that does not mean that your audience will all agree with you. In this section, know how to counter your opponents with correct information. Some may choose to say that they have been consuming red meat all their life and had no illnesses. Give statistics of deaths that have been mentioned or have occurred as a result of too much red meat consumption. Remember, you do not need to create false information. Your expository essay is meant to help your audience and all information you counter your opponent with needs to be accurate and correct.

  • Write a conclusion for your expository essay.

This should be as strong as the introduction of your essay. Restate in this section the importance of choosing to work with this topic. You can provide additional information that serves as an importance rather than repeating what you have already mentioned in your essay initially. Expound the evidences that you gave to support your topic but ensure that they are straight forward and precise. You can also mention to your audience; sources they could use to get more information on the topic you chose to talk about.

  • Revise your expository essay.

You cannot be sure before submitting, that everything is properly put to place. That is why it is important to submit your essay after you have critically revised it. As you revise you will find missing and contradicting statements that you may need to work on. Correct all grammatical errors that may also alter the meaning of what you intend to tell your audience.

  • Edit your work.

This is the part that ensures complete quality of your essay. When your work, you are able to remove buffer information. That is, too much information that may not be making sense to your audience. Your work needs to be simple but very clear. Get rid of any redundant statements.

  • Finally, publish your essay.

After all, has been done, it is now time to publish your essay. Ensure that you understand the format in which the essay was to be written. Put it in that format and then publish it for review by your tutor.

There is a slight difference of the expository essay from other types of essays. This is much simpler in terms of writing and organization and may not take up too much time for research, writing and submission. One thing to note however, is that there is also a slight similarity between the expository essay and the argumentative essay. This especially occurs in the part of identifying the topic and having evidence that supports the topic. The student is therefore supposed to know how to differentiate the two, to ensure that they submit correctly written work.

Not all students are conversant with essay writing. There are sources available online and samples that can help students familiarize with essay writing and formats. There are also online companies who write essays for students at a fee still guiding them through. If an online writing company is well known, students can work with them. Most have been known to have quality and unique content with no traces of plagiarism, which is what most tutors would want to work with.

In conclusion then we can say, an expository essay is indeed a skill. It is meant to leave your audience different from how they were when they began reading your essay. Just like in a meeting presentation at the office, you should be able to give information to your colleagues that they didn’t have prior to attending the meeting. The student should leave an impact in that the audience will want to find out more on the topic that they have been able to read about.

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