Almost the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a night essay is ‘Twelfth Night’ by Shakespeare, and undoubtedly, the most interesting aspect of this play is the incredible use of disguise. The play in itself is a comedy and the disguise is instrumental in making the plot comical, interesting and fascinating. The disguise and changing of genders results in a number of humorous situations and causes many misunderstandings between characters and even leads to love.

The main cause for all the confusion is Viola, who disguises as a man when her ship sinks, and approaches the Duke of Illyria, Orsino, to get closer to him and maybe even woo and win his love. However, the irony is when Orsino asks Viola, now disguised as a man, to approach his lady love, Olivia and woo her on his behalf. The comical situation that arises when Olivia falls in love with Viola thinking that she is a man is both absorbing and amusing. However, all is not lost for Olivia because Viola’s twin brother Sebastian is alive and all is well

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when Olivia and Sebastian are ready to be married. Similarly, the other couple, Orsino and Viola also agrees to marry each other towards the end of the play. The other important character in the play is Sir Toby Belch, a merry character and Olivia’s uncle, who also is the cause of much confusion and jest in the play.

The case of mistaken identity and disguise form the crux of the play. Shakespeare has often used disguise as a means to make his plots interesting and fascinating. Of course, one point to keep in mind is that in Shakespearean days, only men were allowed to participate in plays and therefore they played the parts of both sexes.

The plot, characters, settings, comedy, imagery etc., are so beautiful in ‘Twelfth Night’ that one could choose any one aspect of the essay to elaborate, analyze and evaluate and still write anywhere between 250 word and 1000 word essays.  At times, topics are also chosen from the play and the student is asked to present an argumentation essay while drawing parallels to the essay and present day modern circumstances. For instance, the reason why Viola chose to disguise herself as a man was to be able to secure employment with the Duke and to be able to protect herself in a male dominated society. A likely question from this situation would be how the student compares the situation a few centuries ago to the situation that women face in a male dominated society in modern days.

If you are good at analyzing people, writing a character analysis essay will become relatively simple for you! What do we do to understand a person and his character better? We probe, ask questions, analyze and try to understand the reasons behind particular actions. For a character analysis essay, you need to do the exact same things, however, in a very systematic and methodical manner.

The first thing to bear in mind when writing a character analysis essay is to choose a character that interests you. Begin your essay with an introduction about the character you’re analyzing and why you choose him to be the focus of your essay.  Define his or her role in the literary work that you’re referring to.  For instance, elaborate first on who he is –

  • The hero
  • The villain
  • The comedian
  • A supporting participant or
  • The catalyst character

Once you’ve completed your definition of the character in terms of his role in the literary work, begin the actual analysis by listing out his positive and negative traits. Outline his achievements or accomplishments in the main story. For example,

  • Does he succeed in taking revenge over the people who destroyed his family?
  • Has he succeeded in winning over his love?
  • Has he accomplished his life’s ambition that affects a million people in his country?

Analyze the path he adopted in reaching his milestone. Examine and evaluate if he adapted himself to the changing circumstances and demands of the various situations he faced. How did the other characters in the story feel about him? Were they comfortable with him or did they hate him? Include as many examples as possible. Remember, if later on in your career, you are required to write a term paper or a dissertation, this kind of character analysis can prove to be extremely useful to you!

Include a brief description of the character’s physical features. Did the author describe him as one of the most handsome people in the region or was he a plain looking lad? If you’ve chosen a woman to analyze, this becomes all the more important because, most often than not, the beauty or the lack of it in a woman, is one of the many attributes of her behavior.  Evaluate why and how the character behaves in the presence of others and discuss if the behavior is expected and justified. Present arguments and examples of cases where you thought the character should have conducted himself differently. Describe vividly the growth of the character – physically, emotionally, romantically, spiritually and mentally. What effect do emotions have on the character and does he maintain his poise even when he is emotionally shattered or does he lose his composure? Is this behavior expected or unexpected of a person of his status in the literary work?

Continue to ask yourself a lot of questions while writing the character analysis essay. Ask yourself and the reader if you learned something from the character. After all, one can learn something from every human being! Finally, look at essay samples in our website for more details on doing character analysis if you’re still in need of guidance.

Let’s assume that you’ve completed all the mandatory admission tests and identified the colleges you want to apply to. There is now one more important aspect that you need to focus upon. This aspect has the power to sometimes turn the admission decision in your favor – that of writing an effective essay samples on our website.

  1. Topic:  Surprising though it may seem, choosing the right topic for your college essay is actually a critical component of your application. Choosing controversial, sensitive, religious and very personal topics may seem like good options, but if you have very strong opinions and fervent views around these areas, you may unintentionally be very assertive and seem narrow minded. For instance, choosing to write about your romantic escapades may seem like a passionate thing for you, but may not exactly entertain or impress the admission officers.
  2. Title:  Make it crisp and curious. Don’t worry about adding excessive words, flowery language and unnecessary punctuation marks. A broad title like ‘What I did in my childhood’ is less likely to draw the attention of the reader than a smart and crisp one like ‘Childhood – An Adult’s perspective.’
  3. Content: Undoubtedly, your college essay needs to be absolutely free of grammatical and punctuation errors. What is equally, if not more significant, is the tone, body and intent of your essay. Give special emphasis and attention to these questions:
  • How is your tone? Beware of getting carried away when you talk of your achievements. Try to have the right mix of accomplishment, confidence and humility without seeming egotistic.
  • Is your college essay loaded with grave and solemn words? Adding a dash of humor in the form of a subtle joke, a simple simile or a clever alliteration will certainly do the trick and lighten up your essay.
  • What are you talking about? Is the content of your essay in sync with your title and with what you initially wanted to say? Keep looking back at the title to remind yourself about what you initially planned to elaborate on.
  • How long is your essay? Remember, the admission officers are evaluating thousands of essays and don’t have time for essays beyond the prescribed word limit. Constantly remind yourself of the word limit. This becomes very important for you because later, while writing your research paper or term paper, there will be many occasions when you have to summarize an entire module or topic in a very few sentences.

Finally, once your essay is complete, run a thorough check for spelling and grammatical errors. It would do you no good at all if your essay was perfect in content but had a dozen spelling errors! Keep in mind that even if you’ve not done great in the other tests, you still have a chance for admission if you write your college essay in the right format.

research papers or dissertations in subjects such as social sciences and arts. Writing an APA style essay refers to writing it and formatting it according to the APA norms and guidelines. This kind of style is used for writing term papers, case studies, literature reviews and research reports. When you format your essay according to the APA style, you will need to adhere to rules around typeface, line spacing, margins, page headers, footers etc. Here are some guidelines around writing an APA style essay.

  • Font:  Use only Times New Roman or a similar serif font. Retain the font size at 12.
  • Spacing: Have only double spacing in the entire report or document. Double spacing is required after titles, sub-headings, quotes, figure captions, references, foot notes etc.
  • Margins: Ensure that you have one inch margin on all sides of the document.
  • Page Header and Footer: Make sure to include a header and footer on every page. The title and the page number are also mandatory on every page.
  • Include an indent of about half an inch for the first line of every paragraph. Text should be left aligned with no specific alignment at the right.
  • Tables and figures should begin on a new page each.
  • The format of the document should be in the following order – Title page, Abstract, Main body of the document, References, Appendix.
  • Citations are very important, if you’ve used a reference or another writer’s words or ideas. The format of the citation should include the author’s last name, the year of publication, and the page number. For instance, the format should be as follows: Cook, 1987, pp. 34-35). Then, ensure that you mention all details about the author in the references. Note that citing the page number is not mandatory at all times.  You need to mention it only if you’re referring to and quoting from a particular source. Otherwise, just having the author’s name and year will suffice.
  • If citing multiple authors, mention all the names followed by the year.
  • In the references, mention the authors’ names in alphabetical order, starting with the last name and the initials of the first names. This is followed by the publication date, title, publisher details and so on.
  • References going on to the 2nd and 3rd lines are to be indented by half an inch.
  • The references list is important because it serves as a comprehensive list of resources for your reader. Therefore, make sure that you make it as informative as possible and maintain the correct format.

The APA Style essay has been used by many disciplines and many writers around the world prefer using this style in their work.  It is important to maintain consistency and standard in scientific publications. Therefore, the APA Style essay is highly preferred in these kinds of writings. Remember to remain focused on the facts and concentrate on the formatting guidelines to write the right APA style essay. Also, take some time out to look up some essay samples online to gain more idea of this kind of writing.

Are you preparing for your research paper or a dissertation on a famous personality or a well known figure is common in assessments for subjects like history, literature or language.  As the name itself indicates, a biography essay is the life story of a person. It consists of an outline of a person’s life, accomplishments and events in life, impact and influence on society, peers and contemporaries, family history and information etc. It may be a good idea to read up about a few famous people in every field like arts, sciences, music, theater, movies, politics etc. This will help you to be prepared in case you’re asked to write an essay on any prominent personality of your choice. You can also read some good essay samples to get a feel of the construction of the essay.

Begin your essay with an interesting fact about the subject. Normal opening statements like “XYZ was born in the year 1922 on the day x” is likely to be very uninteresting and dull. Your evaluator probably has some hundreds of essays to read, and you must make the opening or the thesis statement captivating enough to hold his attention. Adding an interesting snippet like a teaser or a one-liner with a curious question relating to the subject will probably set the tone and grab the attention of the reader.

Moving on to the body of the essay, make sure to include relevant information about the subject. If the person is famous for an invention that he made or for a book that he wrote, ensure that you write as much as possible about those aspects. Writing about the subject’s romantic escapades may sound fascinating, but may be totally irrelevant. Think of reasons why the subject was famous and what efforts he took to reach this fame. Include details about early childhood if they were remarkable. For instance, let’s suppose the person you’re writing about lived in stark poverty during childhood, but went on to become a multi millionaire. Readers would be extremely interested in knowing how this progress happened and the major attributes to his success. If this is relegated to the background, and there is more information on how many unsuccessful weddings the person had after he became a millionaire, that may not be the most effective usage of the biography essay space. Include details of important dates in the person’s life, but take care not to include so many that it gets monotonous and dry.

Summarizing the most salient points of the subject’s life and highlighting the impact he had/has on society or civilization is the right way to end the biography essay. Try to cite all your sources somewhere in the essay. The conventional way to finish an essay is to summarize all your facts, and this essay is no exception.

The Gist of Writing 250 Word Essays

Basically, a 250 word essay turns out to be one of the shortest academic written tasks, which you may get. That is why, a great number of students may be mislead by this fact and consider it to be very simple to fulfill.

However, if you gain an insight into creating this type of essay, you’ll see that the most significant thing while completing it is to be neat and concise. It means that to succeed in creating a fantastic paper with a 250 word limit, you ought to use short but clear sentences. Only in this case, you’ll be able to highlight the topic of your essay in a proper way as well as meet all the requirements.

How to Develop a Concise and Suitable Thesis Statement

Obviously, a thesis statement is sure to have a large impact on the grade you’ll get for your essay. Thus, while creating it, you should demonstrate all your writing skills. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about the peculiarities of the essay type you are to cover. In other words, you need to take into account the word limiting factor, which appears to be of one of the main determinates of your success.

All in all, to make your thesis statement informative, captivating and short you ought to follow these simple and clear guidelines:

  • Avoid using abstract notions and terms. Indeed, word selection matters a lot. Consequently, try to be exact, accurate and specific.
  • Don’t use long and complex sentences to express your thoughts. Stick to short and simple ones.
  • Incorporate adjectives into your thesis statement. But don’t overuse them.
  • Enumerate key points of your paper.

Commonly Used Formats for Creating 250 Word Essays

No matter what kind of assignment you need to cover, one of the essential requirements is to format it in line with the set academic standards. In fact, to come up with a perfectly formatted essay, you ought to be aware of the following citation styles and their defining features:

  • Harvard
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • MLA
  • Turabian

Of course, all of the above-mentioned academic paper formats happen to have their particular standards concerning margins, title paper, sections and making references. That is why it may turn out to be challenging and effort consuming to make head or tail in all that. Luckily, qualified specialists from WritingBee.com can do formatting for you. Get proficient help you need at our site.

Recommendations on Accomplishing a 250 Word Essay

Still have vague ideas on how to compose a winning essay not exceeding the limit of 250 words? Then this section of the article is just for you. Here are some efficient writing hints, which may assist you to create a superb piece of writing:

  • Outline a well-thought-out plan before starting to cover your task.
  • Write a well-reasoned and short introduction containing less than 30 words.
  • Write a meaty but concise essential part of your essay. Note that it should not include over 200 words.
  • Create a brief conclusion (about 20 – 25 words).
  • Reread your paper at least 3-4 times to eliminate all possible errors you might have made.

Still feel uncertain about your essay writing skil? Order paper at our site and get a top grade essay you dream of.



The name argumentative essay itself indicates that this kind of an essay presents an argument. The goal of any argument is to convince the listener or the reader to accept your point of view. This is done by presenting facts, figures, statistics or proof to establish your opinion. Similarly, in an argumentative essay, we need to present particulars and details that support our point of view.

Just like any other form of essay writing, this kind of an essay has the structure of an introduction, body and conclusion. Begin with a thesis statement explaining the topics of argument in the essay and a brief summary of your logic behind supporting one part of the controversial topic.

For instance, you could be writing an essay supporting the science of astrology and arguing against the belief that it is superstition; then your thesis statement could be ‘Astrology as a science has existed since time immemorial, and hundreds of research papers over the decades have proven times and again that there is rationale behind astrology. It is not merely superstitious belief, but is a science that studies the movements of planets and their positions. Let’s look at these facts in more detail.’

Now, move on to the body of the essay to elaborate on your argument. Present specific information related to your statement and why you think that one part of the argument is stronger than the other. Describe the pros and cons of both sides of the argument and add solid facts to prove your point. Remember, in an argumentative essay, there is no scope for emotional thinking or language. Anticipate questions and present the answers much in advance. Back up your statements with substantial evidence and logical reasoning. Provide reasonable comparisons between the two parts of the argument and state the reasons of one point being stronger than the other with examples, data and information.

Finally, by the time you reach your concluding paragraph of the essay, the reader should have been able to form a fairly good idea of which side of the argument you are on. Remember that in future, when you write huge dissertations or term papers, your compelling and persuasive writing skills are going to come in very handy.  Writing an argumentative essay could therefore be a first step for you in that direction too. Practice and develop your writing by choosing different topics. You will find many essays /samples on our website.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to do enough research and gather ample evidence to support your argument. You can even go a step further and cite the sources from where you gathered this data.  Think of it like an argument between two people. The person who has the maximum number of facts and figures to support his point of view gets the most number of votes and ultimately wins the argument. Unlike other essays, an argumentative essay needs to be packed with information and statistics and will not win the hearts or attention of the reader if it is crammed with flowery language without substance.

Very often, as part of the academic process in many colleges, students are asked to write a 1000 word essay as an assignment. Almost the first thought that comes to every students mind is an alarming, ‘oh, how many pages long is this essay going to be?’ It’s surprising to note that most students are more concerned about the length of the essay than about the quality, because writing such a long essay can be a daunting task. Let’s go over some details around how to write an effective 1000 word essay.

    • Stick to the point: First, remember that any essay, whether short or long, should have a purpose and should revolve around a central theme. Every paragraph in that essay should be a step towards achieving that purpose. Especially, when writing a long essay, it is very easy to sidetrack from the main point and start discussing something irrelevant. Be mindful of the fact that your skill will be assessed by how aptly you capture the reader’s attention even in an essay of 1000 words.
    • Length of paragraphs: There is no hard and fast rule around either the length or the number of paragraphs in a long essay. However, remember that long-winded, wordy paragraphs usually make difficult reading and may also run the risk of the reader losing interest in the topic. Therefore, it’s best to keep your paragraphs short and crisp. You can have as many as even 8-9 paragraphs in a long essay.
    • Length of essay: Obviously since it is an essay of 1000 words, you should stick to the word limit. Keep in mind that your examiner is already reading dozens of similar essays, probably many with all kinds of grammatical and punctuation errors.  Therefore, it may not be right to expect a lot of patience from him! To the question that is uppermost on most students’ minds, about the number of pages that the essay will utilize, the answer is, it depends on certain factors. Assuming that you are typing out the essay, factors such as your word spacing, your font size, paragraph spacing and margins will determine how many pages your essay will eventually turn out to be. Generally, using a 12 point size Times New Roman font with double spacing and one inch margins can make your 1000 word essay take 3-4 pages.
    • Practice makes perfect: Nothing can help you more than a little practice. After all, if you are aware that your language and writing skills are going to be tested by way of your essay, wouldn’t you be better off with a little preparation and research? Try writing essays on a few common topics and then move on to more serious topics. You can also look for sample essays to get a feel of how a long essay should be written.

Keep in mind that your essay should be absolutely original. Remember that this may be one of your first steps in writing your research paper or your dissertation too. Lecturers have their own methods of finding out if a particular piece of writing is copied, and if you fall into this trap, it can lead to serious consequences. Treading on the illegal path just for writing a 1000 word essay is not just discouraged, but also severely dealt with.

In the crown of English literature, William Shakespeare’s work is being regarded as one of the biggest jewels. His novels and plays are totally based upon social relationships of human beings tied by their emotions and actions; with in the environment surrounding them. The tragedy of Macbeth – Thane of Glamis, written in 1606, is another tragedy based play of William Shakespeare, which shows how certain situations can drive human beings to become greedy, superstitious, angry, ashamed and power-hungry. In colleges and universities, students are usually taught this classical literature and are asked to write about it in order to enhance their powers of observation and to improve their literary ethics. Moreover, students are asked to create a topic and write an essay, based on any character, event or incident extracted from classical plays. However, students who find composing an essay a difficult task, can buy essays online too, but they should always try to write in the first place. As most of the Shakespearean plays, tragedy of Macbeth is also a little difficult to understand and analyze, with out proper guidance. However, this particular article will cover a small domain and give you a very basic idea about how to create sensible Macbeth essay topics.

First and foremost thing you need to do is: read, read and read the tragedy. Get in to it through critical, suggestive and hypothetical analysis methods, in order to get familiar with it. Try to understand the theme and idea of play, characters and their actions, incidents, maxima and minima of the play, etc. Usually, to create an effective topic, you should be looking through a hypothetical window, which can satisfy the situation you wanted to appear. If the hypothesis is true, you have your topic right there. If not, look through other methods and try to probe in results of the play and justify them. For further assistance, you can always rely on a literature review service.

Other subjective Macbeth essay topics can also be devised by analyzing characters of the play. It is a sane choice to take Macbeth himself as your subject, but other characters like King Duncan, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Hecate and Madcuff or their collective arrangements can serve as a good subject too. In this way, you can suggestively analyze characters and create better essay topics based on their actions, which resulted in the pitch and climax of the play. One last basic method out of many can be a situational analysis method. You just consider a major situation at an important point of the play and justify if the writer has done right by pulling that situation or not. Yes, its quite difficult than the previous ones, but the resulting Macbeth essay topics can be fantastically appreciable.

Students facing problem in writing their research papers or annual literary thesis in literature should give the tragic play of Macbeth, a chance of their consideration. It’s full of energy, human emotions, incidents and calamities that can be analytically transformed in to significant research material. Students can also take help from online research paper writing services in this regard. On the other hand, the tragic play of Macbeth has also a rich ground, from which tens of Macbeth essay topics can be extracted and formulated.