Just like any other paper, writing an introduction for a controversial essay requires that you must start with an effective opening statement. You have to begin with problems at hand while giving background information in details. Importantly, you must ensure to put the main argument so that your audience can be certain of your ideas. Most good controversial essay topics are those that are logical and are persuasive in a way.

Before you begin scripting, consider the following 4 tips. Begin with a hooks statement. This part will get your reader interested and continue reading your content. If it is boring, he or she may switch off and even stop reading through the rest of the paper. To write this, you can start with a personal story or quotes. Also, statistics can serve the same purpose. For example, when writing about ‘why abortion should be legalized,’ you can start by giving factual data. So, this is one of the fascinating topics for controversial essay you can often consider and write an interesting fact about it. This concept will grab the attention of a reader, and he or she will be interested in knowing your claims in the paragraphs below.

Second, you need to include a piece of interesting background information about the issue. This part will enable the audience to be able to understand the problem you are trying to present and that this information gives historical relevant facts that can be essential to explaining and putting forward points more logically. If you feel overwhelmed, join us, and we will assign the best writer for your prompt.

Third, writing a good thesis statement is a recipe for a quality paper. It is often written in one single statement that sums up the main argument you are trying to portray. So, it should assert your central position on that given issue, and in most cases, a standpoint that your audience will seemingly argue against. Therefore, in this case, it cannot be a fact. For example, if you are given a topic to write about war, you can write a thesis like this. “President Trump should resign because he is not capable of commanding the American Soldiers, given that there is a looming presence of threats from the Middle East.”

Fourth, there are things you ought to ignore. Do not include analysis of what is in the body at the introduction. Here, you only set up your view and then lay evidence to support it. Even if the introduction is a road map, you should avoid statements that explicitly denote approach; you are going to use to write your points. It does not give crucial pertinent data on your topic.

We have many topics to choose from. You can consider the following samples.

  • The government should ban the manufacture and selling of tobacco
  • Every country should activate the death sentence
  • Smoking should be permitted in public areas
  • People should be allowed to vote from age 13
  • The government should ban energetic drinks
  • All clubs should close at 11 P.M.
  • Technological advancements will reach its peak in 2050

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How to Choose an interesting controversial essay topics

In most cases, a student may not know how to select a subject once he or she has been given a question. Well, we know this a significant challenge for students. As a result, we often advise students to consider subjects that they feel comfortable to work on. With this approach, one will be able to give an account of events in a more logical manner. The best controversial essay topics often take a stand that the audience least expects. So, you must choose one that interests you the most.

It is pragmatic to do a thorough research firsthand because this will enable you to cover a broad range of subject on the issue, to select effective college controversial essay topics, Shallow research on the subject may limit your approach on the topic at hand.

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