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Comparison and contrast essays are the types of academic paper writing. In this kind of essay you either compare or contrast something. In comparison essay writing you show the similarities in the things compared, and in contrast essay you emphasize the differences between the subjects.
For better understanding of how cope with these kinds of essay successfully, there are some compare and contrast essay examples on our website. They will help you to deal with such kind of academic paper writing without any problem.

Main steps of compare and contrast essay writing

Let’s speak about the process of essay writing in order to make you ready to fulfill this kind of writing assignment without using compare and contrast essay examples.
The main process of compare and contrast essay writing consists of the following steps:
• choosing the topic. The very first stage in essay writing is choosing the topic. It is an important step in any kind of academic writing assignment, because the success of your work depends on which topic you will choose. Omit boring and tired topics that will be not interesting for the reader.
• writing the list of similarities. There should be 4 – 6 similarities in your essay work, each point should be detailed and brightly illustrated with the examples.
• writing the list of differences. Your essay should contain 4 – 6 brightly illustrated and well explained differences.
• writing a topic sentence. It is the very first sentence in your essay work where you include the subject and focus attention on the comparison and contrast points.
• writing the body of an essay. Here you should point out all the similarities and differences found. You should explain each point using the details and examples.
• writing a concluding sentence. The very last sentence summarizes everything above and restates a topic sentence.

How to organize the essay

There are two patterns for an effective comparison and contrast essays writing:

  • Subject-by-subject pattern. In this kind of pattern you give all the details about the subject A then you point out all the details of the subject B. Remember, you should discuss the details of both subjects in the same order.
  • Point-by-point pattern. In this kind of essay organization you discuss both subjects point-by-point.

Tips to remember

In order to write a flawless comparison and contrast essay, you should remember the following things:
• to use the same points to compare and contrast both subjects;
• to give the equal space and equal attention to the details of the subjects.

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How to identify the right essay theme for your project

Essay writing, even though much simpler than research paper writing, requires you to have a perfect understanding of what you have been asked to do. Since essay writing is considered to be easy and simple, you may not be able to make excuses for a poorly prepared essay project. Essay assignments which are to be prepared based on a theme are termed thematic essays and are very commonly assigned to students. The prompt which just suggests the essay theme gives more liberty to the students with their choice of essay topic. It also proves to be an excellent method of evaluating the students’ intellectual level. When you are dealing with a thematic essay, the theme must be chosen carefully for the objective of the essay to be fulfilled satisfactorily.

Tips on working efficiently on a particular theme

Essay ThemesYou have to put in a lot of effort to find the most appropriate essay themes for your projects. But, your job does not end with the choice of a theme for your essay. You have to maintain the focus on that theme as well as do justice to it by weaving an interesting essay around it. Listed below are a few tips which you can use towards the choice of topic for your thematic essay as well as with the framing of your essay.

1. An interesting theme which falls in line with the essay prompts or the essay guidelines is that which would complement your essay. Study the prompt carefully to get an idea of what exactly has been asked for; the prompt would mostly consist of just a few words – five to seven or even lesser. If the prompt is not clear enough to you, take help from your teacher or someone else who is knowledgeable enough. A misunderstood prompt would cause you to make a wrong choice of the theme.

2. The essay themes set the background as well as the mood of the essays. Hence the theme has to be maintained throughout the essay for it to be effective. For example, if your theme is ‘the passionate love in Shakespeare’s sonnets’, you must maintain the theme of love throughout your essay. You cannot digress off into the other themes of the sonnets which include time, mortality, beauty or deceit. The trouble is that you will need to touch upon all the other themes to frame your essay well; maintaining the focus on the theme of love while including the other themes also in the essay is the trick.

3. Introduce your theme well enough to ensure that your audiences are able to set their mood appropriately. That would help in keeping their focus steady on the main theme. Also, keep coming back to the main theme of your essay at regular intervals to remind the reader about what you are talking about.

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How to prepare an effective classification essay

Understanding the objective of an assignment is extremely important while dealing with an academic assignment. Each assignment has a unique objective and must be handled in the appropriate way for that objective to get fulfilled satisfactorily. Classification essays are one of the commonly assigned projects for students of all subjects and levels. In order to carry out a successful classification analysis, you need to understand the concept of classifying objects using its various attributes and defining it using the outcome of the study.

Understanding the principle of classification

Classification EssaysClassification methods are so commonly demanded of students due to the fact that it is the best method for learning and understanding the nature and characteristics of a particular object or topic, more accurately. In order to prepare an effective classification essay, you need:

1. More than one object which carries similar features.

2. A common element which would form the principle of classification between the objects of classification.

Simple examples of classification

So, how does the classification method work? To understand that, let us take a look at some classifications which we unknowingly work out in our day-to-day lives.

• You know what would happen if you keep a marble or an egg on a table top and take your hands off – it will roll off. This you know without even thinking much about it because your mind classifies both these objects as smooth and round and you know that round objects would roll if there is nothing to stop it. Here the classification principle you use is the shape of the object.

• You go to a supermarket; you know that you will find apples and oranges under the fruits section as both come under the category of ‘fruits’. And if you need rice or wheat, you automatically proceed to the grains section. Here the principle of classification is the type of merchandise.

• You are visiting a foreign country. You analyze the fashion trends in the region. You will knowingly or unknowingly classify them using the principle of either the gender (fashion trends of men, women and children) or using the age group (fashion trends of the old and the young) or yet using the social stature of the locals (what the upper class wear and what the middle class and the poor people wear).

These are classifications which you work out without giving yourself the credit of being an expert in classification. If you can do so much, without being aware of it, why should you have trouble preparing good classification essays using the same method? All you need to do is, find objects with at least one common feature, which would form the classification principle, and categorize the object using that common element.

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How to write impressive I believe essays

Out of the most commonly assigned projects in academia is the ‘I believe essay’. This essay, as is evident from the term, is mostly autobiographical in nature. An incident from your life which confirmed a particular belief or something that changed your perspective, making you believe in something totally new would prove excellent topics for such an essay.

What all to remember while writing an essay on your beliefs

I Believe Essay• Keep the focus firm on your ‘belief’. What supports or justifies your belief must ideally be the content of the essay. But whatever you choose to include in your ‘I believe essay’, focus on the ‘belief factor’.

• Keep it strictly to you and your views. Note that it is not an ‘essay on beliefs’; it is an essay about your belief or beliefs. Hence, talking too much about others’ perspectives would be unnecessary. Any detail which does not point back to you or your view of the matter would be irrelevant to the essay.

• You can prepare your essay about your belief in the narrative format to make it more interesting to the reader. If you are blessed with good writing skills, you will be able to prepare excellent essays on the topic as it is autobiographical.

• ‘I believe essays’ give you a very good opportunity to be creative. You can try to knit the essay around what made you believe in what you are talking about – did your parents or teachers taught you what you believe in or was it a particular experience which planted the belief in you? You can also write about an incident which changed your perspective completely, changing your existing belief. As long as you manage the first person narrative mode and the focus on the ‘belief’, you can prepare a good essay on your belief.

• Before you pick your topic, consider the page limit or the essay length mentioned in your project guidelines. It often happens that narrative essays get drained off the most interesting parts for the purpose of fitting it into the suggested page limit. You can avoid this by picking a topic which can comfortably be contained within the permitted space.

• The main challenge about writing essays about your beliefs is that it is extremely difficult to make someone approve of what you believe in. Even though you are not obliged to convince your audience about what you say in an essay, you must at least be able to interest your reader enough to get the expected grades. If your essay must sound real enough to be enjoyed and be descriptive enough to convey the point.

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The Importance of Essay Phrases

Of course, academic success turns out to depend on numerous factors such as a theme of an essay, the author’s writing skills and style, language and arguments used in a paper. Consistency and clarity of thought are sure to be keys to success as well.

But how to come up with a fine, well-reasoned and thought out piece of writing? Appropriate essay phrases will definitely help you to organize your essay in a good way. Indeed, there is a large number of generally accepted phrases, which can be implemented to link your ideas. If they are used correctly, your essay will be lucid, smooth and easy to read.

Essay Phrases: When to Use Them

From the previous paragraph it is crystal clear that transition phrases are commonly used to organize a mess of sentences into a meaningful and coherent text. But to implement these phrases effectively in your essays and other papers you should know when to use them. Below, the most common cases of their usage are enumerated and some examples are given.

  • If you need to open a new paragraph or to start a new argument: to begin with, to start the conversation rolling, as a result, accordingly, correspondingly, in this manner, evidently, etc.
  • If you want to develop your idea: furthermore, likewise, in addition, as well, similarly, indeed, in the same way.
  • To provide the reader with an illustration smoothly use the following phrases: for instance, for example, to illustrate this point, a typical example, mainly, especially, most importantly, etc.
  • If you are eager to demonstrate a contrast between 2 things: however, in comparison, in spite of, but, notwithstanding, although, conversely, on the other hand, alternatively, on the contrary.
  • To sum everything up you may use: all in all, to put it in a nutshell, overall, in final consideration, etc.

Brilliant Essay Phrases to Use in Your Papers

Still don’t know how to make your essay sound naturally and professionally? Our experienced pros at WritingBee.com have worked out a set of brilliant essay phrases that work indeed. Use them in your own papers and check yourself how efficient they are!

  • There is a growing debate about …
  • The basic concepts of X are defined by this scholar…
  • According to professor X … / professor X claims/states that…
  • Before considering Y it is vital to notice Z
  • As these arguments suggest…
  • It is also reasonable to take into consideration that…
  • Despite all criticism this theory has a good deal of adherents
  • It can be seen from above analysis that …
  • It might be concluded from this statement that…

Helpful Hints on How to Use Phrases in Essays

In addition, to make the most out of all above-mentioned phrases and achieve the expected results follow the tips on how to use them properly in your papers.

  • Pay close attention to correct usage of the phrases.
  • It is more preferable to use all these phrases to start a new paragraph rather than a new statement.
  • Sometimes it is better to implement brief phrases rather than long ones.
  • Do not overuse transition phrases, as it may spoil everything.

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Great Essay Step Directions for Writing Your Paper

Essay writing can be a little confusing if you are unsure about the steps to follow. Following some clear cut steps makes writing a paper of any essay length a whole lot easier. Take a look at some easy to follow Essay Steps:

Steps to Follow for your Essay

1. Carry Out Research

Before your pen hits the paper, you need to carry out Essay Step one, which is research. Make yourself an expert in the topic that you are writing about. Use all available resources like the Internet, library and various academic databases.

2. Analyze The Topic

Once your research is done, move on to the next step. This consists of analysing your essay arguments. In order to do this you need to lay down the claims, note down the reasons and highlight the evidence. Make note of the weaknesses and pin point the strengths. Writing an essay starts with analysing the written works of other essay writers. You could buy an essay and evaluate it before starting your own.

3. Come Up With New Ideas

This step is one of the most important steps of writing an essay. If you want to write a great essay you need to brainstorm and come up with original ideas and thoughts. You need to gain in-depth insight on your topic. Take your time and come up with something brilliant and all your own.

4. Form The Thesis Statement

Select the best idea that you can base your essay on and write it down in such a way that it is a crystal clear assertion. This is your thesis statement. Your thesis is your essay’s main point, packaged in the form of a tight sentence. It is extremely important because it informs readers of the central idea of your essay.

5. Create The Essay Outline

Before you write your essay it is imperative that you create an essay outline. You can pen down one line sentences describing your paragraphs. Use bullet points to list down the things you want to include in each paragraph. Shift the order around until you are satisfied. Take an overall look and ensure that the order and flow is logical.

6. Write The Introduction

This Essay Step is another extremely important step. If your introduction fails to immediately excite and interest your readers, they will not bother to read further. The introduction to an essay is also very important because it takes readers to the thesis statement.

7. Write The Paragraphs

Every paragraph of your essay must contain just one idea which supports your thesis statement. Start your paragraphs with topic sentences. Make sure all your assertions are backed up with evidence. Lay out your ideas in a clear and logical manner.

8. Finish With The Conclusion

This is the final essay writing step. Wrap up your essay on an interesting note. You can use quotations, a memorable phrase or some other tool to end your essay in an unforgettable way.

Essay Steps help make it easy to write an essay. If you need more help, check out an essay writing service for guidance.

The Importance of Sticking to College Essay Formats

Naturally, if you are studying at college, essay is sure to be one of the most common assignments, which you should accomplish on your way to your degree. Though it may seem to be a simple task, sometimes your scholarship and overall academic success may depend on it. Consequently, you ought to know the secrets of successful essay writing, which we’ll disclose to you below.

First of all, when it comes to creating an outstanding and consistent piece of writing, college essay format matters a lot. It should be noted that there exist several formats, which appear to be generally accepted:

• MLA format
• APA format
• Chicago format
• Harvard format
• And others

The Fundamentals of APA College Essay Format

In fact, APA college essay format presumes that a student should stick to the writing standards, which were worked out by American Psychological Association. One of the most considerable requirements of this format is that your paper should contain the cover page, the introduction, the main body, the summary and the references. Furthermore, there should be a page header on every page. It is preferable to use Times New Roman (12 pt.) and double space the text of your essay. In addition, references should be made in a special way, so be extremely careful and attentive.

MLA College Essay Format

As far as MLA essay format is concerned, it is known to be based on Modern Language Association standards. According to this very format all margins should be 1 inch. Moreover, it implies that all the pages of your papers ought to be numbered and all the page headers must be placed in the upper right corner. Besides, it is highly recommended to use italics in the titles the references, if they are too long. Writing paper in MLA format you may create a special section Notes, if it is necessary. There you may incorporate all the endnotes, which are necessary for your essay to look more full-fledged. Don’t forget about peculiarities of the title page and references.

Helpful Tips on How to Format Your College Paper

Indeed, it is quite obvious that every essay format turns out to have its own peculiar features. Sometimes, their standards may differ greatly. On the other hand, if you take a closer look at formatting, you may notice there are some clear-cut general principles, which are used while creating essays of different formats.

• Pay close attention to margins and fonts
• ALWAYS use double space to type your paper.
• Don’t fail to incorporate the following constituents into your essay: the Title page, the Introductory part, the Body of the paper, the Closing part, the reference list and appendices.
• Organize your Title page appropriately.
• Make citations in your essay in a full compliance with the given format.
• Follow all the instructions on how to create a suitable reference list.

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How to Write a Symbolism Essay that gets you a Scholarship

Symbolism is a very important literary device that can be observed in lots of renowned pieces of literature. Symbolism is essentially the creative art of representing a figure, an idea, a person or a viewpoint. Symbolism essays are generally assigned to students of literature at the graduate or under graduate level in order for them to comprehend the nuances of this subtle device that makes a piece of writing more beautiful and poetic. You may be either asked to write a symbolism essay on a particular poem or book or a general one on a material of your choice. In the latter case, you can research essay topics online first.

The following tips can help you create flawless symbolism essays:

Picking out the base material

If you are called upon to write a general symbolism essay, you need to first assemble some literature that you are going to be elucidating and examining for its inherent symbolism. While doing so, you need to make sure that the text you choose richly contains symbols and not a scarce scattering of them. They should be present at various points throughout the narrative in a consistent manner. Some of the writers that are known to be adept at symbolism are James Joyce, Virginia Woolfe, Charles Dickens, etc.

Evaluation of symbols

The first step while writing such an essay on a particularly assigned book or on several books is to determine the words and expressions that showcase symbolism. For this, you need to be aware of exactly what symbolism is. A direct reference and ready explanation of a certain idea or viewpoint does not qualify as symbolism. It is rather a complicated instrument that enables the reader to arrive at their own interpretation that may or may not be exactly what the writer wanted to convey but is still more or less the same.

Reason for usage

The most important step in the evaluation and interpretation of symbols is comprehending the reason for the author to employ the symbols that he/she has applied in their writing. If there is no concrete and justifiable reason for the author to use symbolism at any point in the narrative or poetry, it may well be the case that you are reading too much into the words used and the author does not intend them to be an example of symbolism at all.


The last step while evaluating a text for symbolism is to interpret the symbols and connotations used. Doing this requires a certain amount of imagination as well as creative thinking. If you are too rigid in your thought process, you may not be able to do this. So, it is vital to keep an open mind and think of all possible meanings that may be attached to the use of a particular word. This step blurs the lines between symbolism and an analytical essays to a certain extent.
Before actually beginning the task of writing such an essay, it is imperative that all students spend some time understanding the ways in which symbols have formed an important part of culture and conduct a thorough historical analysis on the subject. This will make them well-informed and help them write an intellectually stimulating and high quality essay. If you have doubts about the number of words that are ideal for this kind of an essay, you can read up on the prescribed essay length that is appropriate for essays on different topics.

Writing a perfect essay doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, there are rules for this creation process. There are some tips for an essay author that shouldn’t be ignored. Many times writers choose to ignore some common and simple strategies which forces their overall grade and impression to suffer greatly. So, let’s go through a few essential points today. This is designed to offer important information to help them focus and create a brilliant paper with ease.

Choose a topic that is interesting. Don’t write on a subject that has been done a million times over. There are only so many ways that one topic can be covered. A reader doesn’t want to read the same old stuff, they crave something new and want you to capture their undivided attention. This is just as much part of the essay creating experience as the actual writing is. Be bold, be creative, and be original when you research essay topics.

Don’t be afraid of controversy. There are a number of sensitive topics out there to choose from if you want your perfect essay to have some strength to it. When writing a persuasive essay or analytical essay don’t be worried about offending the reader. It is important that you make sure that you are not offensive in your word usage. If you pick a controversial topic you must use care and exercise respect throughout the paper. This is probably one of the most misunderstood tips. Just because a writer should not fear explaining their stand on a particular subject does not mean that they should approach the matter with rude or disparaging opinions regarding the opposition. This will get a person into trouble and discredit them.

Pay specific attention the requirements. A large part of completing any assignment is the ability to follow directions. If you are told specifically to do something and you merely skim over the instructions and complete the task without taking the time to do it right, then you have to expect your grade will have a negative end result. Pay attention!

Another common sense piece of advice is to collect pertinent data. Don’t babble or ramble. Keep it clear, concise and to the point. By following tips, such as these, the writer can easily create a perfect essay. This one tip in particular demonstrates excellent research skills and analytical capabilities. A person that simply jots down various details without doing any actual research will find that their essay comes up lacking. If there is no structure and meat to the text then it ends up looking sloppy. Most readers will consider this a complete waste of time.

This comprehensive information can help a writer create something worthwhile. Your reader must be interested in the topic, intrigued by the view of the author, and learn something they didn’t know about the subject in order to earn a good grade. Most of the tips here are common sense points. They should be nothing new to students. By following the aforementioned advice you too can wow your reader with a perfect essay.

What is a position essay? This type of an essay is often times referred to as a persuasive essay. They are not to be used interchangeably but they are very similar. The aspect that makes them so alike is that both allow you to take an issue and present both sides while defending your exact position on the matter. But, what is generally the difference is that a persuasion essay can be written on any subject as a starting point whereas a position paper is usually written as a rebuttal to an original event, article or debate.

This type of essay is different from all the other essays. Typically essays are formulated by facts and takes a general and unbiased stand on the subject. This is not true with this sort of paper. The trick is to present your “position” and show that it is the clear and right choice. Not only is the writer to try and “persuade” the reader but they are to point out what makes their point more valid than the opposition.

In order to be successful at writing a position essay, you must research essay topics and the facts that support them to some great detail. Just simply stating that you are right and the opposition is wrong will not be enough to create an effective paper. The writer also doesn’t want to back bite, name call or use other insulting means or ridiculous cliches in order to build up their point of view. This behavior displays ignorance and intolerance. Neither are good for the overall grade. Not to mention it destroys the credibility of the writer. However in order to help yourself in writing all this you should create a good custom facebook page.

Selecting the topic must be done by only choosing those that have had a very specific event or public debate. There are many articles that can arise from a controversial matter that has been made public. This would be an excellent way to choose a subject.

This is not an exploratory essay, so the writer can have a clear mindset on which side he or she takes. This can be clear from the start. Collecting the facts that support their beliefs and evidence that backs them is critical when building a strong argument or defense.

For this type of a paper the introduction to an essay will be slightly different that the standard way of creating it. For example, in a position essay the writer starts by providing a backdrop or background of the issue and then states their point. In all others essays the first sentence is reserved to for stating the purpose of the essay.

The rest of the position essay is much like the persuasive essay and should argue the points. Be sure to do it intelligently and thoroughly. It is important to not only research the sides of the issue but it is critical to fact check. Using outdated, incorrect or speculative material will seriously hurt your score and leave a bad impression about your skills and ability. Take your time and do it correctly.