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How to Write a Controversial Essay the Proper Way

A controversial paper is a piece of writing where one needs to analyze an issue or a topic where people have different opinions. When drafting your essay, think about issues that often lead to arguments, disputes, or divided opinions. Then choose whether your argument will be for or against that topic.

Remember, when writing a controversial essay, your content must appeal to the reader logically and emotionally. Therefore, think carefully about a specific issue or problem, take a position, and support you stand with constructive arguments. Furthermore, you should encourage your arguments with credible academic sources and write a reference list of all the sources you have used.

When it comes to the structure of a controversial essay, your paper must follow the introduction, body, and conclusion format. The first paragraph works to hook the reader and gives general information on what the topic is about while the body paragraphs, which can be three, works to provide you with a chance to convince the reader about your stand. The concluding section reinforces the thesis statement.

Some of the characteristics of well-written controversial paper include:

  • Establish your stand and use facts to convince the professor to accept your point of view.
  • Evaluate evidence and support your thesis with credible facts.
  • Provides background information on the subject.

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How to Start a Controversial Essay That Engages the Reader from Start

Not every learner is an expert in crafting a high-quality paper. Some lack the necessary skills others have inadequate time to research and come up with debatable topics while others do not have enough background on the subject. Whatever your reason, know that you can access our service 24/7. We can give you a paper that will help you understand how to write a controversial essay step by step. So that the next time you decide to attempt the article yourself, you will know what you need to include to get top-notch results.

Do you feel stuck and want to understand how to begin a controversial essay? Here are important elements to get you started:

  • Research extensively

Doing extensive research on a specific issue will give insight on various angles, you can tackle the topic. The advantage of researching before starting your paper is that you will get trusted substantial evidence to support each argument. That way, you will not be expressing your options but substantiating your views. Relying on facts also works to make your content credible.

  • Choose an issue, topic or problem that you can defend

An excellent way to start this type of paper is to select an easy yet defendable question. Some professors will give you a topic while others give students the freedom to choose their own. While it is ideal to focus on issues outside your comfort zone, make sure you are familiar with the subject. You can choose topics such as drug testing in school, cloning, surveillance, or child obesity. Make sure you pick an item that you are passionate about.

  • Provide counter arguments

When your teacher has not explicitly told you to defend a particular side, then it is best to present both sides of the dispute. Then give your stand and use evidence to support your position.

Quick Tips for Writing a Controversial Essay Like a Pro

Do you want to submit tasks that show professionalism and those which will impress your teacher? Use the following tips.

Avoid Emotional Language

Words that cause an emotional reaction should be avoided when crafting any academic text. Such words make a student sound subjective rather than objective. Ensure that your content imparts knowledge to the reader and not evoke a strong emotional response.

Add a Thesis Statement

The introducing paragraph should contain a thesis statement that represents the central purpose of the content. It should be a claim that others can dispute and answers the question, “so what?” Do not be vague instead make your thesis clear and concise.

Include a Hook

Want to know how to make a controversial essay captivating? Add a hook. A hook can be a funny joke, statistic, quote, or an intriguing statement; whichever you choose to use, make sure it captures the attention of the reader and motivates them to keep reading.

Give the Reader the Necessary Context

The first paragraph should have current happenings related to that subject. It should also introduce the topic and provide brief background information as well as an explanation of what the reader should expect from the paper.

Always Include Facts

There is no need to lose credibility in what you are saying by using false information. Always use facts to prevent the reader from distrusting your whole document. Besides, do not fabricate evidence or use untrustworthy sources.

Cite Your Sources Correctly

Plagiarism can cause you to fail or have to retake that course. Adding the in-text citation, the wrong way can also mean failure. You can avoid any issues of plagiarism by citing the correct way and including a bibliography at the end of your paper.

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