The nightmare of being a student is in the fact that you never know the type of assignment your teacher might ask you to do at any point in time. You might end up thoroughly failing in your class work unless you understand some of the most crucial concepts for handling some of these tasks. This paper will focus on debate essays and ways in which you can achieve high scores by following simple procedures and guidelines.

Introduction on How to Write a Debate Essay

These essays are narratives that are built on arguments. They divide people into two distinct groups – You are forced to either support or oppose a motion with no option for a middle ground. You are to present all the facts that you believe will help you win your argument. Such conflicts are mostly seen among politicians during parliamentary sessions. Arguments also occur among ordinary people in normal interactions.

Crucial Facts on How to Start a Debate Essay

You first need to know how to write a debate essay step by step if you are to get everything right. Understand what comes first and what needs to be placed in the middle and last section of your document. Here is something you should consider at the start of every paper:

  • Create a hook

You need to get the attention of your audience through the first few lines of your paper. Use facts that are mind-boggling and that are likely to make them trust you. Make this information sound new to them even if they have heard of it before. Provide statistics to support your claims. For instance, don’t just say that “road accidents are some of the major causes of death in the world.” Instead, show the number of people who are killed every year as a result of rogue driving. Show how some of these people are breadwinners in their families or even newlyweds. In other words, capture the attention and imagination of people by all possible means.

  • Show the origin

Every issue always has roots, some of which are never known to the public. Dig deeper into the archives and retrieve enough information that shows how the problem began. In the case of road accidents, you can research to find out how, why, and when the first road accident occurred. You can be more specific to reveal the names of those who lost their lives. Find out what impact these victims had in their nation and include it in your document. However, do not be too wordy.

  • Formulate a thesis statement

This is a summary of what the paper is all about. It shows the relationship between cause and effect by indicating why you support your argument. Avoid being too general since the sentence will lose meaning. Do not say, “Several factors lead to road accidents.” Instead, mention these factors. Say something like “Road accidents are caused by increased levels of corruption, drunk driving, poor roads, and faulty traffic lights.”

  • Choosing what to Omit

Resist the temptation of including every detail in your introduction. That is not how to write a good debate essay. Details are to be added in the body section and not in the introduction. Resist the temptation of wanting to share everything you know about a topic. Stay focused even as you try hard to make your audience agree with you.

Different Ways of Making a Thesis Statement

It is not a must that you use the same method as everyone else when creating your thesis statement. You have three distinct options for this section whenever you are writing a debate essay. Here are the three main ways to construct any thesis statement.

  • Provide all pointers

Your thesis statement can include the crucial points you intend to talk about. Take, for example, a topic like ‘Teenage Pregnancy.’ The points you might want to discuss probably include “neglect by family members, rot in the society, and drug abuse.” You can introduce these points in the following way:

Sample: “Increased pregnancy among teenage girls is as a result of neglect by parents, moral decay in the society, and unreported rape cases.”

You will need to discuss each point in details when you get to the body section. This might be the best option for you as you would easily spot all your crucial points and discuss them in details without forgetting any of them.

  • Answer a question

Use your topic to formulate a question. For instance, ask yourself why most people are unhappy with their lifestyles. You should be able to develop an answer that can be used in your thesis. Here is a typical response to such a question:

Sample: People are not happy with their lifestyles due to the high levels of unemployment that leaves them living below their means, and that denies them the ability to enjoy the luxuries of life.

  • Express your discontentment

You can show why you believe that some assumptions are wrong. Provide your reasons in the same sentence. Make this an argument that might strike a constructive conversation. Here is a good example:

Sample: “It is vague to assume that all old illiterate people can learn statistics since this is a technical discipline that requires young people with high IQ.”

We hope that all your questions on what is a debate essay were sufficiently answered. Make good use of the information provided here to master how to write your debate essay effectively.

Simple Tips for Writing a Debate Essay

The ideas provided in this article should be incorporated into the structure of a debate essay. Have a clear understanding of how to begin a debate essay. Here are more tricks and tips on how to make a debate essay.

  • Sound professional: You cannot convince people unless you make them believe that you know what you are talking about.
  • Be thorough: Exhaust all the points needed to create a convincing document.
  • Introduce your points: Every new paragraph should have a short sentence to let your audience know what to expect.
  • Strong conclusion: Amaze your audience with a memorable ending. It has to be in line with your thesis statement.

These tips will leave a mark in the heart of any examiner. This result leads to good scores.

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