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Why Students Ask Us For Help on How to Write an Analytical Essay

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How to Start an Analytical Essay: Guidelines From Experts

There are always do’s and don’ts in everything. It’s a no exception in writing an analytical essay. How to start your work determines a lot about its quality. Students tend to be blank, with no idea of where to begin. First of all, before you start composing your project, you should thoroughly understand what your assignment is all about. In simple terms, ask yourself “What is an analytical essay?” Like any other work, your paper should be structured in three main parts: the introduction, the body and finally, the concluding paragraph, which is mainly a summary of the main points.

The introduction should always aim at getting the readers to be interested in what you are writing. The first sentence should capture the reader’s attention. It must, therefore, be surprising and exciting. Which ways can you hook the reader? You can add a rhetorical question that drives the reader into thinking in a specific way.

Secondly, you can include a controversial statement as this gives a reader the urge to know how you are going to support it or how unique your idea is. Thirdly, the student can think of presenting some relevant statistics related to the topic. It is from this introductory statement that the reader can judge if you know how to write a good analytical essay.

Next, add a thesis statement. After ensuring that you have a hook that will engage the reader, you need to make a strong claim. The thesis statement should be clear.

Structure of Paragraphs From a Professional Point of View

In an essay, the thesis statement should be backed up to prove your claims. In this part, a lot of research should be done to get data and facts. The study should support and answer all questions relating to what you are analyzing, be it a book, a film or any other academic work.

How you present these ideas is also very important. For instance, make the paragraphs have flow and make sure each section consist of three essential sets of sentences. First, always write the topic sentence.

Secondly, have sentences with claims and use evidence to support those claims. These can be three or even more but should not make the paragraph too lengthy. Write the main ideas precisely and avoid beating around the bush.

Finally, have a concluding statement that connects what you have discussed in that paragraph and how it relates to the topic sentence.

After you have presented your main ideas in the body, one more paragraph is needed to wrap up your main statements: the conclusion. It should not bring out any new thoughts and should not be a direct copy of what you have said in the body. You can relate this to the real world and maybe finish with a quote. The concluding paragraph is just a brief explanation of how to write an analytical essay step by step as it summarizes the main points.

Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay from Our Experts

Besides knowing what you need to talk about, students need to understand and make use of some tips to ensure they present flawless work. These tips do not just make your work quality, but also give you an easy time to structure and present your content the ideal way. Note that the structure is as important as the ideas to be displayed.

Know the Objectives of the Analysis Beforehand

First of all, you must know the goal of your analytical paper before you begin to write. Let your intentions be precise, so you do not have to outline lots of irrelevant information. Knowing objectives helps present arguments and claims on what you are analyzing. Ideas can be broken down. Evidence is then researched and written down. Your lecturer can choose a topic for you, or it can be left up to you. If it’s upon you, the better.

Makes sure you decide what you are more conversant about. For instance, in the case of a film, choose the character that motivates you more. Selecting a passionate topic eases your work, and makes it easier to know how to begin an analytical essay.

Brainstorm and Select a Thesis Statement

Choosing a thesis statement can also be challenging for unskilled students. First, give yourself time to brainstorm and outline ideas of your topic of interest. Pick the main concepts and any texts surrounding it and do not be too quick to dispel other notions that seem unimportant. Always ensure that you have evidence for what you are presenting. You, therefore, need to dedicate plenty of time to collect this information. Lacking evidence makes your work feel like an opinion which can result in you getting low scores. It is therefore essential to gather credible sources and structure of an analytical essay.

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