Classification Essays

How to prepare an effective classification essay

Understanding the objective of an assignment is extremely important while dealing with an academic assignment. Each assignment has a unique objective and must be handled in the appropriate way for that objective to get fulfilled satisfactorily. Classification essays are one of the commonly assigned projects for students of all subjects and levels. In order to carry out a successful classification analysis, you need to understand the concept of classifying objects using its various attributes and defining it using the outcome of the study.

Understanding the principle of classification

Classification EssaysClassification methods are so commonly demanded of students due to the fact that it is the best method for learning and understanding the nature and characteristics of a particular object or topic, more accurately. In order to prepare an effective classification essay, you need:

1. More than one object which carries similar features.

2. A common element which would form the principle of classification between the objects of classification.

Simple examples of classification

So, how does the classification method work? To understand that, let us take a look at some classifications which we unknowingly work out in our day-to-day lives.

• You know what would happen if you keep a marble or an egg on a table top and take your hands off – it will roll off. This you know without even thinking much about it because your mind classifies both these objects as smooth and round and you know that round objects would roll if there is nothing to stop it. Here the classification principle you use is the shape of the object.

• You go to a supermarket; you know that you will find apples and oranges under the fruits section as both come under the category of ‘fruits’. And if you need rice or wheat, you automatically proceed to the grains section. Here the principle of classification is the type of merchandise.

• You are visiting a foreign country. You analyze the fashion trends in the region. You will knowingly or unknowingly classify them using the principle of either the gender (fashion trends of men, women and children) or using the age group (fashion trends of the old and the young) or yet using the social stature of the locals (what the upper class wear and what the middle class and the poor people wear).

These are classifications which you work out without giving yourself the credit of being an expert in classification. If you can do so much, without being aware of it, why should you have trouble preparing good classification essays using the same method? All you need to do is, find objects with at least one common feature, which would form the classification principle, and categorize the object using that common element.

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