Steps for Writing Concept Essays

The aim of Concept Essays is to inform readers about a particular topic. The purpose of such an essay is to explain a concept without influencing your readers. When you write this type of essay, you do not adopt a stance or provide a point of view on the essay topic. Even if you write about a controversial topic, you need to explain all the sides of the controversy instead of taking one particular side. This type of essay can be written on any essay length. If you are writing a concept paper for the first time, follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Select a Topic

You may be given a specific essay topic or you may be told to write your essay on a topic of your choice. If it is the latter, look for a topic that you find interesting. Writing about an interesting theme will lead to you writing your essay in a way that interests your readers. Keep in mind that topics for Concept Essays are more abstract than other types of essays. Examples of such topics would be racism, wisdom or communication.

2. Conduct Research

Make a note of the information you possess on your topic and then start collating information on the parts that are missing. As you will be educating your readers on your chosen topic, it is important that you know all that you can find out about it. After carrying out all the research, decide what information you are going to use. You don’t have to write about your topic in extensive detail; however it should be detailed enough to provide thorough understanding of the concept.

3. Determine your Audience

Before writing your Concept Essay, you must have an idea of who your target audience is. It is not possible to write an essay effectively without determining the type of readers you are writing for. Knowing who your readers are will help you decide what materials to include, the order of ideas and the best way to support the arguments made.

4. Create an Outline

Creating an essay outline is a great idea as it will help you organise your thoughts and information. Once you organize your thoughts, you will get an overall view of how your essay will look. This will help you group similar ideas together and eliminate unnecessary ones.

5. Begin Your Essay

The introduction to an essay is very important. The essay intro introduces readers to the subject of the essay and indicates the areas of importance. This opening paragraph must contain your thesis statement. This statement must be explained briefly in one or two sentences and must convey the main idea of your essay. Follow your introduction with the essay body paragraphs in which every paragraph discusses one main point.

6. Write Your Conclusion

Conclude your Concept Essay with a paragraph that reminds readers of your essay’s main idea. This paragraph must summarize the main points in a fresh and interesting way.

If you find it difficult to write this type of paper, you can buy an essay or read a couple of free sample essays online for guidance.