How Much Does a Freelance Writer Make

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make

How Much MakeTo answer how much freelance writers make, first let’s find out how much freelance writers do. As we have already clarified the amount of work depends on agreements. In different cases it may rely on different reasons.

How Much…?

• how much print signs you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much words you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much pages you can make per hour/day/week etc.;
• how much time you can spend per day/week/month etc.;
• how much money you require per print signs/words/pages/spent time.

Basically, those terms can vary and change again up to agreements.

For example

if you perform about 10 000 signs a day it equals to five A-4 pages per day. If you make some calculations and variations you can make a table of your own requirements and abilities as a writer.

As a rule

an average novice freelance writer makes about 25 – 30 $ per day, though there are a lot of exceptions. If your professional skills are higher than above-average, you can easily raise the bar of payments. And vice versa, if your beginning abilities leave much to be desired, it would be better not to overprice. There is always time to improve.

When you are dealing with a particular client

first find out how many assignments he can give you and then set the price. If a hirer can assign you not more than 5 – 10 pages a week, you can easily request big money for that. On the other hand if an employer can overload you with work and provide it every day, you’d better lower the price as ultimately you will earn more.

There always are students, pupils and other people receiving an education. Most of them are busy or lazy and not eager to write essays. So, freelance writers are to the rescue.

Of course, all of the above must be adjusted according to a particular situation, your skills, hirer’s ability to pay and your ability to perform.


to set an adequate price for your work, decide how much you want to earn per month. And then using simple multiplication and division define your own salary.

The next step is not to forget the following, deciding how much freelance writers make.

What to remember:

• do not overprice and don’t understate;
• make your personal price/amount-of-works schedule;
• always improve your skills first and only then rise your prices;
• do not take a task you are not able to finish;
• there is no easy money.

And still, if your decision is to become a freelance writer, your first question must be not how much a freelance writer make, but how you can make money. Professional writers have their own bases and clients they work with. For novice ones there are always some abilities to perform essay writing, editing and article writing. And the more you will study and improve the more abilities you will get.

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