I Believe Essay

How to write impressive I believe essays

Out of the most commonly assigned projects in academia is the ‘I believe essay’. This essay, as is evident from the term, is mostly autobiographical in nature. An incident from your life which confirmed a particular belief or something that changed your perspective, making you believe in something totally new would prove excellent topics for such an essay.

What all to remember while writing an essay on your beliefs

I Believe Essay• Keep the focus firm on your ‘belief’. What supports or justifies your belief must ideally be the content of the essay. But whatever you choose to include in your ‘I believe essay’, focus on the ‘belief factor’.

• Keep it strictly to you and your views. Note that it is not an ‘essay on beliefs’; it is an essay about your belief or beliefs. Hence, talking too much about others’ perspectives would be unnecessary. Any detail which does not point back to you or your view of the matter would be irrelevant to the essay.

• You can prepare your essay about your belief in the narrative format to make it more interesting to the reader. If you are blessed with good writing skills, you will be able to prepare excellent essays on the topic as it is autobiographical.

• ‘I believe essays’ give you a very good opportunity to be creative. You can try to knit the essay around what made you believe in what you are talking about – did your parents or teachers taught you what you believe in or was it a particular experience which planted the belief in you? You can also write about an incident which changed your perspective completely, changing your existing belief. As long as you manage the first person narrative mode and the focus on the ‘belief’, you can prepare a good essay on your belief.

• Before you pick your topic, consider the page limit or the essay length mentioned in your project guidelines. It often happens that narrative essays get drained off the most interesting parts for the purpose of fitting it into the suggested page limit. You can avoid this by picking a topic which can comfortably be contained within the permitted space.

• The main challenge about writing essays about your beliefs is that it is extremely difficult to make someone approve of what you believe in. Even though you are not obliged to convince your audience about what you say in an essay, you must at least be able to interest your reader enough to get the expected grades. If your essay must sound real enough to be enjoyed and be descriptive enough to convey the point.

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