Jane Eyre Essay

Things to Include in Jane Eyre Essays

Jane Eyre Essay, you should be prepared to do some critical and analytical thinking. Such papers are analytical essays based on the influential novel by English writer Charlotte Bronte. She wrote her famous novel under the pen name Currer Bell. Jane Eyre is a book on the trials, obstacles and victory of Jane Eyre, the story’s main character. The story is told in narrative style in the first person voice. It has also been interpreted in numerous ways; these various interpretations can be great topics for your essay paper.

To find the right topic for your paper, you should research essay topics before making a selection. There are a number of great topics for a Jane Eyre Essay. If you need help with your essay, you can buy an essay or take a look at ten possible topics.

Essay Topics

1. Is the novel Jane Eyre a fairy tale or a realistic novel?
2. Talk about Jane Eyre as a gothic novel
3. Discuss Jane Eyre as a novel which is feminist
4. Discuss Jane Eyre as a romantic novel
5. Talk about the use of nature imagery in Jane Eyre
6. Discuss the motifs and symbols present in Jane Eyre
7. Write about the self discovery of Jane Eyre
8. Jane Eyre – criticism of social norms during the Victorian era
9. Discuss the violence in Jane Eyre
10. Discuss the autobiographical elements in Jane Eyre

The novel Jane Eyre contains a number of interesting themes. Jane Eyre Essays can be based on some of these themes.

Essay Themes

• Morality
• Religion
• Social Class
• Gender Relations
• Love
• Passion
• Independence
• God and Religion
• Atonement and Forgiveness
• Quest for Home and Family

Discuss these themes and bring out examples from the novel to support the themes.

Motifs and Allusions

Jane Eyre Essays can also discuss the literary motifs and allusions found in the novel. This book contains numerous motifs from Gothic fiction. An example of this would be Thornfield, the Gothic manor. Mr. Rochestor and Jane Eyre herself represent the Byronic hero while Bertha, the crazy woman in the attic is portrayed as a vampire by Jane.

However, it is not just Gothicism that is displayed; the novel Jane Eyre also contains displays of romanticism.

Besides motifs, this book also has a number of literary allusions. References to the Bible can be seen clearly in the novel as well as references to fairy tales and Paradise Lose. The book also alludes to several poems and novels written by Sir Walter Scott.

It would also be interesting to discuss the fact that the book purposely avoids certain Victorian fiction conventions. The story does not contrive a deathbed reconciliation between Jane Eyre and Aunt Reed. The story does not even portray the convention of a fallen woman.

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