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How to write great math essays

Writing a math essay consists of a completely different type of writing that does not involve as much of creativity or imaginative thought as any other essay. On the other hand math essaysrequire you to think logically and have a complete grasp on mathematical concepts and theorems. An important point to keep in mind is that you should not use too much technical jargon so as to lose the attention of your reader. To make your essay more interesting you should try to use words that are not dull or boring. Everyone is sure to do their essay in a correct manner. So, it is vital to write yours in a way that somehow sets it apart from the others by using informative and natural words that come freely to you as you write.
Some of the tips that can help you write great math essays have been specified below:


Mathematics is quite a large field of study and you can choose to write on any topic ranging from algebra to physics. The best way to do such an essay is to pick out a theorem or formula and concentrate on explaining its proof. You can also include detailed information on how it was derived and give due credit to the person accredited for its formulation. A little life history of the concerned mathematician can help make your essay quite appealing. It is best not to write a short 250 word essay in this case and to instead write a 1000 word essay or one that is longer so that all the points required for a detailed explanation are properly covered.


A good math essay must consist of detailed calculations. You must check them time and again for correctness. You may risk losing out on a lot of marks if you go wrong in this regard. So, it is best to first do them roughly and only then translate them to the final draft.


The presentation should be attractive and this can be done by including lots of figures, diagrams and charts in your essay. Such elements not only help to make the explanation more coherent but also enhance the overall look of the essay. All the diagrams must be adequately labeled and nothing should be left to the reader’s imagination. The graphs should be such that they support the explanations given in your essay as an essay on mathematics is essentially an explanatory essay.


You must refrain from blindly copying your essay material from books or other sources as this can make your essay look non genuine. It will give off the impression that you hardly spent any time working on your essay. So, even if you are stating proofs that are already known, you should solve them in your own way and provide solutions in your own words. If you find that the widely known theorems are lacking in some particular aspect, even though you cannot improve the formula, you must mention the missing point that you have noticed. This shows that you have paid close attention and scrutinized the subject matter carefully. It is also imperative to cite references wherever necessary.
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