With the demise of legendary pop singer Michael Jackson, students should expect to be asked by their professors to write sociology essays about this controversial essay topic. The popularity of Michael Jackson had spread across the globe that his music and his persona influenced individuals in the society from different generations. Writing about the sociological significance of the King of Pop would initially appear to be difficult for students; here are some suggested contents for your essay about Michael Jackson:

•    An essay about prominent people must start with a personal background about the celebrity. Provide a brief biographical account on Michael Jackson. It would also be recommendable to include a background on the society the singer had lived in during his younger years to provide a situational overview on the kind of society the young Michael Jackson had constant interactions.

•    Describe the influences of the society on the young Michael Jackson during his childhood days. Examine if his environment had inclined him to be a singer and if the people around him had forced him in some ways to enter the world of entertainment at such a young age. Provide a personal view if the society is partly responsible for children in show business to be susceptible to the dire elements of the entertainment industry causing the corruption of the minds of these children. This part of your academic essay must cite Michael Jackson as an example of your personal views.

•    Writing essays about Michael Jackson and the society should include the reception of society on his music and his rise to stardom with the aid of society. State your opinion on why Jackson’s music was well liked by the public, the sociological relevance of the subjects tackled by his songs, and the impact of the singer’s distinct character on society. Cite examples such as the sociological issues related to Jackson’s songs as well as individuals imitating Jackson’s fashion statements.

•    Examine the sociological effects of Michael Jackson and his music had imparted on people. Discuss the reasons behind the tremendous effect the singer and his music had on the society. You may also point out your own views on the possible problems or threats posed by this fanaticism of the public on Michael Jackson.

•    Relatively, provide a section in your essay discussing the positive and negative effects of music icons on the society. Mention the names of some of the biggest music celebrities that had sociological influences around the world. Specify the harmful effects these music legends had conveyed to people and cite particular incidents that would prove this bad influence of some music celebrities. Enumerate the positive ways these celebrities had influenced the public and state examples of these commendable acts. Give your personal analysis if the society tolerates these manipulations done by pop idols and the ways that the society can use this influence in promoting good causes.

•    Excessive fame and money often causes celebrities to make irresponsible acts. This does not save Michael Jackson; the controversies and issues that hounded the singer’s life definitely had effects on the society. As part of the society, give your opinion on the common perception and reaction of the members of society as well as the sociological consequences of these unacceptable behaviors for both ordinary citizen and celebrity.

Sociology essays about Michael Jackson can be completed easily with the help of these suggested contents. A good essay about this topic can be achieved by incorporating some of this important information.