Symbolism Essay

Tips on preparing outstanding symbolism essays

Symbolism has always been the favorite technique of writers and artists. You will find symbolism in all art and literature forms starting from paintings to poetry. The uniqueness of this technique lies in the fact that it gives a lot of freedom to the audience with the interpretation of the piece of art or literary work. If you ask ten people to interpret a symbol, you will find that each one of the interpretations is different from the rest. And that exactly is the reason why symbolism essays are commonly assigned to students. It not only helps them exercise their brains to guess what the author or artist must have wanted to convey.

Understanding symbolism and its application with examples

symbolism essayMost renowned artists use symbolism to bring obscurity into their work and generate curiosity in the minds of the audience. There are also people who can generate symbolism even in the most plainly laid out objects. Symbolism need not necessarily originate in the artist’s mind; it can also be suggested by the beholders. And that is the skill you are expected to exhibit in your symbolism essay. Let us take a look at some simple examples of symbolism.

• Take a match stick; how can you symbolize it or what can you symbolize it for? A match stick ignites the fire which would burn it down. So it can be used as a symbol for those who sacrifice themselves while helping others with their existence.

• Let us consider a mother; she symbolizes unconditional love, infinite patience and unquestionable dedication to her children.

Examples of symbolism in literature

Literature students would be made to work on various symbolism essays during their academic period as, in literature, symbolism brings beauty to the work. Symbolism can be used at various parts of a story. It can appear in the title, the beginning, the character introductions, the story line or yet in the concluding paragraph. Robert Browning’s ‘My last duchess’ has some excellent examples of symbolism in all parts of the monologue. You can even say that the story narrated through the dramatic monologue itself is symbolic in many ways.

1. It may be noted that the title doesn’t say ‘My duchess’; it says ‘My last duchess’. Here, ‘last’ implicates that she was not the only one but there has been none after her.

2. The duke expresses suspicion in the fact that the artist managed to capture the spot of joy which the duke expected his wife to have only in his presence. This is symbolic of a man who is highly possessive about his wife.

3. The duke shows his guest an art work of Neptune taming a sea horse; here the duke is trying to symbolize his own nature. He wants his guest to know that he is capable of taming even the wildest of beasts. A warning is aimed at the guest through symbolism here.

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