The Two Types of Crucible Essays

When students pick “the crucible” to write on in college it generally has to do with the interesting play about the Salem witch trials written by Arthur Miller. This was an interesting piece of art that has been popular throughout the decades. But that is not all that comes with the word “crucible”. Today, let’s look at two absolutely different crucible essays that can be written.

Crucible: Salem Witch Trials

This dramatization that took place in Massachusetts was not historically accurate. This is one aspect of writing an essay about this play that should be mentioned. Some of the characters that Miller made were actually bits of various real persons involved in the actual event fused together. His canvas was a melting pot of sorts and he created each character as he saw fit.

Miller also used the bible to make the patterns of speech seem authentic. This also helped him feed the fear value surrounding the church and also the laws of the age. The play seemed to reflect many of the author’s negative opinions of church and religion. Many people had genuinely believed the play was accurate but records prove otherwise.

It is important to choose an angle and stick with it. An essay author can either write crucible essays about the play by summarizing the text or create analytical essays and take the stand point of historical accuracy. Both are good ideas that can yield a fabulous paper.

Crucible: The United States Marines

When writing about the crucible with regards to the United States Marine Corps, one should research the traditions and the honor of getting to this last test. The crucible is a final test that all recruits must go through in order to graduate and hold the title of Marine. It is a huge honor and rigorous physical challenge. This is one of the most anticipated, and sometimes feared, events in the military for recruits.

One angle to choose, with crucible essays dealing with his particular subject, is the hard work and sheer dedication that each person has who has sacrificed their life to serve their country. Since the crucible is the final test it is important to discuss all that happens, how the recruits feel going in and then graduating after that exhausting feat.

One of the best ways to get first hand information for research and to list on the citation page is to read books written by Marines. They have first hand knowledge that can go into the deep feelings and emotions during the tough activity and what is experienced upon completion. They can more accurately explain the details than a person whose opinions may interfere with the facts.


Regardless of which of these crucible essays you choose to do, remember how vital it is to research essay topics thoroughly before starting your outline. Also the title should be explanatory and reveal the exact essay topic. In your introduction to an essay the clear description should be presented so your reader is not surprised.

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