Ways to Write a Discrimination Essay

Did you know that “discrimination” has more than one meaning, and isn’t necessarily a bad thing? It’s important to be aware of that fact before writing a discrimination essay. This makes an excellent choice when you research essay topics and are looking for something that will spark your reader’s interest.

Have you ever heard the term “indiscriminately”? As in “he sprayed water indiscriminately into the crowd”…? It simply means that he wasn’t careful where the water went or who got wet. If the fellow with the hose used discrimination, he would have chosen specific targets and only sprayed them. Another word for discrimination is “selectivity”. It’s important to be able to discriminate between a good idea and a hare brained scheme. It’s a good idea to use care and discrimination when choosing a candidate to vote for, rather than falling for clever words and empty promises. It’s really an interesting topic for an explanatory essay.

The negative connotation of the word “discrimination” these days concerns prejudice more than any discriminatory action. Assuming that a person fits a preconceived mold and behaving as though your assumption is fact is the negative form. It can be a big mistake to prejudge a person or even a situation without all the necessary information. That’s where positive discrimination comes in handy. It’s a type of common sense that can be easily pointed out in a discrimination essay.

Refusing to rent to a person because of ethnicity, age or handicap is the bad kind of discrimination. Not befriending someone because of such spurious reasons or not hiring them to do a job is negative, as well.

Affirmative Action is something that started out as a good-sounding idea and quickly became the very thing it was designed to prevent. The assumption was that black people weren’t able to deal with passing the right tests or getting the good grades necessary for certain schools of higher learning. As a result, colleges and universities allowed students to enroll strictly because of the color of their skin. The further result was that many of them were unable to successfully compete because they didn’t meet the criteria. This further prevented them from advancing in their career and relegated many to menial jobs or even welfare because they couldn’t make it to graduation. It only promoted the idea that black people were somehow inferior. It isn’t true, of course, but the idea was tossed out and accepted “indiscriminately” and proved to be a failure.

Racial quotas are another mistake that could be used in a discrimination essay. If two people are equally qualified for a job, why should one be hired solely because of their skin pigmentation? The idea of quotas was begun to stop employers from judging applicants based on color instead of qualifications. It has turned into just the opposite.

As you can see, the discrimination essay can have many facets and lead the reader to many differing conclusions. Depending on the way the word is used, the practical applications of it, and the results, you can spend many pages on the subject. As with most analytical essays, a great deal of thought and research is necessary before drawing any conclusions, much less committing them to paper in essay form.

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