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Many students find it difficult to conduct a proper literature review for their dissertation, research paper, thesis, or term paper. There may be various reasons, some of which include the following:

  • Not finding the required literature (e.g., journals, academic articles, libraries, etc.).
  • Not having the required time to conduct literature review (maybe due to other pressing commitments).
  • Finding it difficult to extract the right information from a large number of sources.

Regardless of the reason, the end result is that the entire effort may go in vain. At WritingBee.com we make it our personal goal to meet your goals. Our literature review services are rated as the best-in-class by our customers. This is because of our extremely talented and highly qualified writers. Our writers have access to thousands of scholarly articles, online libraries, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other sources of information. Not only are our writers able to locate the right piece of information, but also they are equipped with skills of quickly digging through the documents, and finding the required information related to your topic. The seemingly difficult task to find, review, and extract information from literature is thus a routine job for our writers.

It is one thing to identify information, but it is altogether different to use the identified information for explaining the topic of your research or dissertation. The linkages must be properly explained, the gaps must be properly identified, and care must be taken to present all of this in a logical flow, with correct grammar usage. Our writers will make this easy for you.

Strictly following the needed workflow to write the best literature review

We use the following guidelines towards conducting literature reviews:

  • Identifying and locating available literature on your topic
  • Reviewing the sources and extracting the required information.
  • Critically analyzing the available information, to determine gaps and to identify differences between the various authors’ perceptions.
  • Developing questions that may require further research (this may be linked to the topic of your research, or your thesis statement).
  • Submitting the literature review to you with the required word count and within the deadline.
  • When required, revising the literature review for you.
  • If required, completion of other parts of your research paper, thesis or dissertation as per required standards.

It is quite easy to incline towards doing a copy-paste job when writing literature review. However, we follow the strict quality control procedures to ensure that all sources are properly cited and referenced. Any form of plagiarism is not tolerated. We guarantee 100% plagiarism-free literature reviews. Read about our money-back guarantee.

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