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Picture this… You have done all hard work to develop a well-researched academic paper, but the first page of the paper carries multiple instances of spelling mistakes. Would you be able to get the grades you deserve? This is where we can help you. We have a team of proofreading experts that can go through your paper purely from the point of view of correcting proofreading errors. On average, there are 5-7 proofreading errors per page in all academic papers written in the US and UK universities. We will assist you in identifying and removing these errors from your papers so that you can submit an error-free report to your instructor.

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The proofreading services are especially helpful to foreign students that need a second opinion on the sentence structure, organization, fonts, and accuracy of language. Our proofreading experts can help you in shaping up your essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, theses, and proposals, to reflect a professional touch.

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Our writers are highly qualified and have years of experience in writing and proofreading both academic and professional documents. All proofreaders belong to native English-speaking countries, and so they are aware of language nuances. We do not take chances because we know that you entrust us with your academic careers. Hence, all our writers have to pass through rigorous tests including proofreading tests. We only hire those who demonstrate competence and skills in writing, editing and proofreading. This is one reason why we are able to consistently maintain high standards in proofreading services.

Years of experience leading to complete customer satisfaction

Over the years, we have enabled thousands of customers to obtain grades they truly deserved instead of falling short of the standard, not because of the contents of their papers, but due to proofreading errors. We are proud of our achievements. See what our satisfied customers have to say about us in the testimonials section. Once you contact us for proofreading your paper, we assume full responsibility towards it. That is why we are able to give guarantees with regard to the quality of our services. Even when you require further changes, we will do it free of charge.

You can find out more about our guarantees by entering the guarantee page. You can also contact our 24×7 customer support team. All correspondences are kept strictly confidential. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone outside the company. Even our writers would not know who they are working for. Read our privacy policy for details.

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