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Characteristic Features of Comparative Essay Writing

Commonly, creating a comparative essay on any theme implies depicting either similarities or differences of 2 objects or notions. In other words, to cope successfully with this kind of essay, you ought to have knack for comparing or contrasting 2 things, events, personalities, theories, etc.

Furthermore, you should be able to organize the content of your paper in compliance with generally accepted writing criteria. It means that you have to be skilled in structuring as well as formatting academic papers.

In addition, your writing style matters a lot, as one of your primary goals when composing comparative papers is to draw the reader’s attention to your essay. Consequently, your paper needs to be stuffed with bright examples and solid arguments.

Feel a little bit embarrassed? Take it easy. The info presented below will surely help you to bring into existence a nice piece of writing.

The Structure of Comparative Essays

Obviously, appropriate structure appears to be a passport to success in comparative paper writing. But what should you know and do to create a perfectly organized essay on your own? Simply you need to be aware of the main essay constituents and their defining features.

  • The Introductory part. It must not be too long. One paragraph with relevant and concise thesis statement will do.
  • The main part or the so-called body of the paper. It may contain from 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the paper length. All differences and similarities of 2 things that are compared should be discussed in detail in this part of your essay.
  • Summary. It ought to incorporate a succinct outline of all info you’ve presented in your paper.

2 Main Comparative Essay Writing Methods

From all above-mentioned info, it is crystal clear that comparative papers happen to have a large number of peculiarities, which must be taken into consideration while writing them. There exist even 2 specially worked out comparative paper writing methods, which you can use to create a top grade essay.

  • Alternating method. It presumes identifying several related points of 2 things or objects. The author of essay uses them to contrast and compare 2 things.
  • Block writing method. It presumes that the writer should describe all similarities and differences of one thing and then of another.

Wholesome Recommendations to Follow

To make your process of writing comparative essays easier and not so nerve-racking, a team of pros from WritingBee.com has created a list of wholesome recommendations. They can be used free of charge.

  • Research different aspects of things, which you are going to contrast and compare.
  • Create a winning introduction and an eye-catching title for your essay.
  • Create a winning introduction and an eye-catching title for your essay.
  • Stick to the given citation style and make all references properly.
  • Try to write straight to the point. What is the sense of writing a paper that makes more heat than light?
  • Rewrite your paper, if you feel it is not good enough.
  • Double-check your essay and give it to anyone else to read before submitting it.

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