How to write a paper one hour before it is due

So, the situation is following. A paper is due 12 o’clock, and it’s already… 11. Do you have a time machine? If not, read this article and find some simple tips you can follow to get through this disaster.

Step 1. Ask yourself if you have done the necessary reading. If you did, try to recall some interesting facts you’ve learned. If you can’t recall anything, you probably have not done the necessary reading.

Step 2. Take a highlighter and open the readings. What you need to do here is to figure out the main idea of your paper. Look trough the text and take a little time to think about the author’s arguments. Remember, it is impossible to write a paper without an idea.

Step 3. Don’t panic. You have an idea and you still have a chance to get a grade. Maybe, not an A, but at least anything.Relax, an average grade is not the end of the world.

Step 4. Dear plagiarists, I know that you have a temptation to push Cntrl+C, Cntr+V. Don’t. The problems you may have with plagiarism are much more serious than a poor paper you may write yourself.

Step 5. Let your mind flow! If you feel that you’ve stuck, skip this part and go to the other section.

Step 6. “Oh gosh, I just wrote four sentences,it is time for a quotation!” Use the citations as the blocks of your paper. Moreover, they will help you meet the word count faster.


Some personal experience

The truth is that when I was a student, I was a hopeless procrastinator. You must know that feel, when you open a Word document and look at a blank screen. Then you decide to drink some coffee first. As a result, a cup of coffee turns into a movie marathon and your paper is still at the zero level.

This is how students get into the cases of emergency. MilanaKnezevic, the author of an article Procrastination: a student’s worst enemy? makes a very appropriate claim about it.She writes that procrastination is the disease eating away the student productivity. And with an exam season upon us, we’re facing an epidemic.

Yeah, I felt ill with this disease. But you know what? I’ve got some of my best grades for my last-minute papers. Really. Let me explain why.

Take a look at the tips above. All of them will let you focus on the most important details of your topic. When I was a student, I knew that there is something good about being under the pressure of a deadline since this disaster gave my mind clarity.

It is not like I’m trying to say that putting off the papers is a good habit! However, when you find yourself in apanic, you may feel comfortable because of the fact that you always have a chance to write a good paper having a burning deadline.

So, keep calm. Blink occasionally. And keep writing.

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