Students are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance. Some of them often feel that they are being sorted like potatoes. Those are the good ones. These are strictly for the birds. The reasons of sorting are mysterious and mostly ridiculous. That isthe way ithas alwaysbeen criticized at all levels.

What is good about downgrading?

Some are convinced that lower grades motivate students to try harder. However, Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and “Tougher Standards” claims that student performance does not improve when instructors give less score than they deserve. In addition, making it relatively easy to get a good grade does not lead students to do inferior work.

F grade

Have you ever felt that your interest in learning is diminished because you tried really hard, had sleepless nights and liters of coffee, overwhelming stress and then got a C? Anyone would crash and burn!

Students VS tutors.Round one

Nobody knows why some tutors may act subjectively. Every case is individual. However, here is a list of 5 most common reasons:

  1. Illusions about motivation.Yeah, as it hasbeen said earlier. Some tutors are crazy enough to give you less score because they think that it is good for you. The answer is a lemon!
  2. Discrimination. Racial and gender discrimination of students sometimes become a reason of lower grades. Receiving a lower score just because you are a guy or have black skin color? And what if you are a black-skinned guy?
  3. Discipline.Some tutors are annoyed by those students who are being naughty. So, they take revenge!
  4. Status. So, you do not have an Armani handbag, and you do not get to school on a Bentley? You get an F for your essay!
  5. Appearance. There are a lot of rebels among the teenagers. Dear, hippies, punks, emos, metalheads, and goths, you better leave your bracelets, Metallica T-shirts, and heavy make-up at home, because you are in danger!

As far as I can tell, there are nobenefits of giving lower grades to struggle against students. Mostly, it leads only to negative consequences. Children may completely lose any desire to learn and end up 20 years old and jobless, watching TV and eating potato chips.

Good descriptive essay samples for reference

Descriptive essays are among the comparatively easier assignments you would come across. But do not be misunderstood that it can be managed overnight. Even this type of essay has an objective which must be fulfilled satisfactorily. If you are totally new to this type of assignment, you might need to refer to some good descriptive essay samples to get an accurate understanding of what this type of essay is all about.

Tips on writing good descriptive essays

Descriptive Essay SampleHaving an accurate knowledge of the nature of the type of assignment you are handling is necessary while starting to work on an assignment. The description, gives the reader, or audience, a visual idea of the object or subject. If you manage to find a good descriptive essay sample, it would help you understand how to frame a good description.

There are certain points which might help you with the preparation of your descriptive essay.

1. Descriptive essays present a complete and precise description of the topic. Even though it sounds similar to a definition paper, it is not exactly so. The definition portrays the fundamental characteristics of the topic whereas the description explains the external aspects.

2. The description, gives the reader, or audience, a visual idea of the object or subject. That makes it necessary for you to describe the object as per it suits the intellectual level of your audience. A description which is above their understanding or below their level will make your paper either incomprehensible or unimpressive.

3. The introduction should give your audience a good idea of where you are heading. The thesis statement should clearly indicate the descriptive analysis you have formed of the object. The body paragraphs should explain how the description fits the object and present enough evidence. The conclusion must wind up your essay by reinstating the thesis of your paper, or the description you have put together. Check out a well-written descriptive essay sample to get an idea of the structure of the paper.

4. Be careful about the terminology you use in the paper. A wrong term can change the whole concept and give the reader a wrong impression about what you are trying to convey; it is needless to say that an incorrect description will fail the purpose of the paper itself. Ensure that your descriptive paper is perfectly edited and proofread.

5. Find a good title for your paper, which does not give away too much about your paper but is relevant enough to be appropriate. Your audience should not be left confused about the link between the title and the paper after they have completed reading it.

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