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Essay writing is an important skill that each student must attain and develop. The activity serves many functions in an academic setting. For one, it enables students to attain the ability to express their thoughts in the form of logical writing. For another, they also develop critical thinking skills as they decide on a topic and meditate on what to write.

Through academic writing, a student can nurture their talent and become a skilled creative writer or even a public speaker. Majority of academic activities such as coursework, homework assignments, reports, and dissertations require a learner to poses remarkable writing skills. These papers play a key role in determining students’ performance.

While writing essays, students also learn how to use the different formatting styles used in academic work. These are Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA. Most institutions require students to write in a particular format. Proper knowledge of writing styles is a factor that can prevent a student from performing poorly in their papers.

What are the Major Types of Essays?

Distinguishing between different types of essays is merely a matter of identifying the writer’s objective. Are they narrating a personal story, explaining a concept, describing something or convincing a reader to affirm a certain opinion? The types of essays below address these objectives:

The writer narrates a story on his or her real-life experience. While this might seem like an easy task to do, narrative essays challenge students to think about themselves and write articulately. While writing this type of essay, you are required to use the first-person perspective. Therefore “I” sentences will immerse the reader into your story and make them feel like they are part of it.

These essays attempt to paint an image using words. You could be describing a person, object, place or a specific memory. Your descriptions need to communicate a deep meaning. Demonstrate your imagery using sensory details and colorful words. Appeal to the emotions of your audience.

This kind of essay gives a balanced analysis of a certain topic. The writer is supposed to define or explain a topic through the use of statistics, facts, and examples. This type of essay encompasses other kinds of essay variants such as the cause and effect, compare and contrast or process/how-to essay.

The persuasive essay aims to convince the audience to accept your viewpoint or recommendation. Build your case using logic and facts in addition to examples, sound reasoning, and expert opinion. Present both sides of an argument while maintaining clear communication on why your chosen stance is correct.

Tips on How to Prepare for an Essay Effectively

You cannot start writing an essay unless you have a clear idea of what you want to write. Therefore, you must first evaluate different ideas to come up with a good topic. One good method is to write down all the ideas that cross your mind.

After that, select a topic that would highlight the thesis statement. Do not choose a topic that is either too narrow or too broad. Conduct thorough research to get the most relevant information. Visit the library or browse the internet for facts about the topic. Make sure to note down your sources of information for use in your bibliography.

Next, you need to create an outline of your essay. This is a framework of your paper that guides you in the entire writing process. It helps to ensure that your paper is logical and has a good flow as well as the organization.

How It Work and How to Approach It

Write your thesis statement at the top followed by a topic sentence for every paragraph below. Do not mix up too many ideas in one paragraph. It might confuse the reader. Likewise, ensure that there are proper transitions between the paragraphs to make the reader understand the flow of thoughts from one idea to another. You can then proceed to write the essay.

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