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  • Always read your prompt several times to fully understand its requirements;
  • Come up with an attention-grabbing topic that can capture the readers’ interest;
  • Do research on your topic so that you have all points related to it in your mind;
  • Write an outline from the notes you created as you did the research;
  • Build the outline into a full essay connecting the ideas;
  • Maintain a flow in work by sequentially discussing alternate points;
  • Give your writing a thought-provoking conclusion – don’t just sum up the discussion;
  • Proofread the work so that there are no mistakes in it.

Learn How to Make an Outline for Your Paper

“How will making an outline help write my paper?” Making an outline before starting the actual writing process is the most important step. It gives clarity of vision to the writer concerning the points that have to be discussed in work. Also, it serves as a guide and helps the writers stay focused as they commence the writing process. So it’s important to learn how to create the best outline for your writing.

The process of making an outline starts with collecting important points and making notes while doing preliminary research on the topic. After you’ve got all your notes in place comes the stage of deciding the essay’s sections – introduction, body, and conclusion. You can write three or as many body paragraphs as required by your teacher.

Once the sections have been identified, you have to distribute the total word-count among all those sections in a way that there’s a balance in the essay. You can achieve that by dividing the total word-count by the number of paragraphs you intend to keep in the essay, including the introduction and the conclusion section. The result you obtain by this division is the rough word-count you should opt for in every paragraph of the essay.

Then you write your thesis statement briefly and concisely. Make topic sentences from the thesis statement. Include relevant example points for the topic sentences. Write the conclusion statement, and your outline is ready.

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What Guarantees Can You Provide for the Help?

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