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One of the most important assignments you’ll ever need to undertake as a college student is thesis or dissertation writing. Writing a dissertation can prove challenging to students especially those who don’t bother to plan their work out well before they start.

Unlike essay writing, dissertations need one to undertake tedious research, reading through various sources and presenting the findings in a clear and strict format. Dissertations will test how much the student comprehends in a particular subject, and how much they can apply what they have learned through the course of study. The entire document revolves around the thesis question, which is the query around which a hypothesis is built.

In thesis or dissertation writing, one will need to do a literature review, present a methodology, present their findings and draw conclusions or recommendations from the analysis of those findings. The strict nature of the writing itself already presents a challenge to students who are doing their dissertations.

WritingBee provides years of expertise for those students who are at this crucial phase of their academic journeys; usually, it is college seniors or graduating masters’ students who are required to present these papers. For various reasons, not all students may be in a position to submit their own fully researched work. Some students may spend too much time on one task and end up having to rush the other sections. Many students particularly at this level are already in employment and find themselves lacking enough time to work through the entire document. Others procrastinate too much or have a significant number of academic assignments that they need to attend to at the same time. These are some of the reasons that may prompt one to contract a service such as ours to provide dissertation help. Regardless of the reasons, a dissertation or thesis is the single most important assignment one will ever need to carry out in college. Failure isn’t an option.

Writing Bee is your expert guide to the future, with custom, well-researched dissertation papers. We are only a click away if you need our services.

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At that critical juncture your time is running out and much remains to be done, you may wonder “who will write my dissertation for me?” Research is just part of the work. You need to compile your source, create a draft, do the actual writing, edit your work, reference and do citations, create tables and bibliographies among multiple other tasks that all build the dissertation pyramid. Spending too much on one task means that you leave too little time to work on the other tasks. This is one of the reasons why students fail to submit great dissertations. The task can be even more daunting if you have other academic assignments that you need to submit or classes that you need to attend to.

A professional service such as Writing Bee comes in handy and at the most crucial moments when everything could potentially go wrong. Maybe you have finished writing but don’t have enough time or energy to edit the document. Our editors are always ready to take on the task head-on. Maybe you have done your research and have compiled your citations but need to do the actual writing. A proper dissertation could be dozens of pages long. If you lack adequate time to do the writing yourself, our writers work with maximum speed to deliver the highest quality to you in the shortest time possible.

In addition to these, referencing and citation are extremely important to dissertation writing. In your source study or research, you’ll obviously come across preceding contributions by other authors in your field or otherwise. It is inevitable that you will use some of these sources as primary motivations for your write-up. Acknowledging the work of other writers on your own shows not only maximum depth but also encourages active learning as it shows that you are still familiarising yourself with some concepts too. Failure to do so exposes you to plagiarism which is one of the gravest academic offenses that you can commit.

Citation can be either in-text or on the reference page. There are also different methods of citation depending on the institution, discipline or academic instruction. These include MLA, Turabian, MLA, Harvard, ASA, APA, and various other techniques. Writing Bee’s experts thoroughly go through your entire text and the instructions that have been provided by your professor to ensure that your referencing is impeccable. It may be easy to miss something if you do it yourself, but a keen eye from one of our editors may save you valuable marks due to proper referencing.

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Some students also struggle with getting working ideas for their dissertations. Maybe someone else has already carried out the same study, or your professor repeatedly invalidates your proposal. We have worked on many dissertation papers, and we have a pretty good idea what might work and what might not. Writing Bee has experience in various disciplines such as engineering, medicine, law and the arts. If you are struggling with business school, you will certainly find an MBA dissertation in our vault.

We’ve also provided Law dissertation help for students in some of the top-ranked colleges in the US, and psychology dissertation help for Australian university students. We offer a variety of benefits which should make Writing Bee your preferred destination for dissertation help. These include:

  • 24/7 access and assistance: Sometimes, in the oddest of hours you need to make a correction to your document. You can always reach us conveniently through our chat portal, and you also have direct access to your assigned writer. This allows you to communicate conveniently with them from wherever you may be. Our QAD team is also always available to handle any queries that may present themselves.
  • Expert writers: Our professional writers are highly qualified experts who have themselves gone through the process of writing dissertations in college or their graduate studies. They are also full-time professionals in their various fields which makes them perfectly suited to do these assignments. They work with speed to deliver papers within the strictest deadlines. You also have the option of selecting a preferred writer to work on your paper if you have more specific requirements or quality in mind.
  • Affordable prices: Dissertation writing is usually quite costly because these papers are as complex as academic writing can get. We try to keep our prices very reasonable and subject orders to a competitive bidding process. In addition to great prices, you are eligible for discounts and other freebies whenever your purchase papers from WritingBee, which you can use to pay for other orders.
  • Confidentiality: Privacy at the very top of our concerns, and we want our customers always to feel secure when they are using our service. Our web portal is secure and data encrypted so you shouldn’t expect any data breaches, theft or loss of your sensitive information. In addition, we accept a variety of payment methods when you make your purchases so you can use what makes you most comfortable.
  • Originality: The immediate concern for any student contracting an external service to do their dissertation or thesis for them is zero plagiarism. An original document scores you valuable points. Online scam companies may pick a file from the internet, make a few modifications and change the title page and submit this to you for your perusal. The repercussions of this are grave, and you may end up not graduating. This is why we emphasize only using a trusted service provider. In the same light, we work with speed to beat the deadline so as to provide you enough time to review the document we present.
  • We provide other free resources such as unlimited reviews for a period of time after our editors have sent back your paper, money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the paper, a free title page and bibliography page with every purchase you make.

Our expert quality ensures that you will be at the top of your game and submit a paper that makes you look good. Customers who have used our service can attest to the level of quality that we provide. Here are a few testimonials that tell our story:

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