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Are you trying to write a thesis? It seems difficult, right! In fact, difficult is a very small term – it doesn’t fully reflect the real complexity of the work. Most students particularly have a problem determining the right research method for the paper. Doing the research is actually even more difficult.

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But before we talk about writing your paper for a fee, how about sharing some tips that writers at our custom thesis writing service always use! The prime mission of our company is to promote learning and education. Therefore, we want to enable the students to write their theses themselves, no matter how difficult topics they get from their supervisors.

To achieve this, we consulted our team of writers who give the service. We asked them what points should a thesis writer have in mind. Here’s what they all unanimously agreed upon:

  • Choose a topic of your interest – that will make the process of research and writing less tiring.
  • Have a good conversation with your supervisor. He/she will give you hints and direction.
  • Start the research and writing process early – if you finish in advance, that’ll buy you more time for proofreading and revision.
  • Read research papers on similar topics as yours. Find out which research design was used by other researchers and how it helped them find the best answers for their research questions.
  • Conduct pilot testing of your survey tool to determine if your sample understands the points correctly. The writer at our research thesis writing service, will make it for you if you place the order.
  • Don’t go for sophisticated software for analyzing the data unless it’s entirely necessary. Many of the functions can be performed on MS Excel.
  • Keep showing your draft to the supervisor as you proceed with the writing Getting his/her comments and addressing them as you write is easier as compared to getting very comments all in the end, that is hard to address.

Thesis Structure Followed by Our Best Thesis Writing Service

Every paper has a structure. There are parts and sections that are officially required by every school, college, or university. While they may slightly vary depending upon the requirements of your institution, generally a thesis has the following sections:

  • Title;
  • Abstract;
  • Introduction;
  • Research questions;
  • Dependent and independent variables;
  • Hypothesis;
  • Literature review;
  • Research design;
  • Survey tool;
  • Determination of population and sample;
  • Collection of data;
  • Data analysis;
  • Discussion and limitations;
  • Conclusion;
  • References;

Precede the Thesis with a Research Proposal

Before actually commencing the research process, every student is required to prepare a research proposal and get it approved by the supervisor. The research proposal is basically a document that provides the best synopsis of your research. It tells what’s your research topic and questions, what information exists about the topic in the literature till now, what approach you intend to adopt and how you will go about the research.

The research proposal is submitted to the supervisor before proceeding with the research work. The supervisor goes through the proposal and finds out if the student’s proposed approach is correct or it needs a revision service. If there’s anything wrong with the approach, the supervisor advises on what should be done differently. Generally, it takes up to three to four revisions just to get the research proposal approved.

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If you follow the above guidelines, you’ll sure manage to write a wonderful paper. But it’s a very long report, and it takes several weeks to complete the work. If you need the paper urgently, you have the option of using our service.

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Our Ph.D. thesis writing service offers you a very simple process for placing orders. You have to press the ‘order’ tab at the top section of the website’s home page. That will take you to the order form. Once you find it:

  • Simply fill out all its fields;
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  • Respond to any messages left for you by the writer over the message board.


Our order form is best as it’s very easy to fill out because most fields have their own drop-down menus. The payment is made using either Visa or MasterCard. Once the order has been placed, you can coordinate with your writer for free using the message board service.

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