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A proposal allows you to pitch specific ideas and mention your requirements. This document is particularly important to supervisors or managers because it enables them to make an informed decision having known the full implications of the proposal. A proposal also provides you with an opportunity to make a logical and well-structured argument as you lay down everything that favors your ideas.

Writing a proposal paper is a critical task across many professions from business management, logistics, and project planning. The aim is to gain support for a plan by informing the right people. Your suggestions or ideas can be enhanced if you can articulate them concisely and engagingly. Knowledge of how to write a high-quality proposal increases your chances of gaining approval. There are different types of proposals such as book proposals, science proposals, and many others. Nevertheless, each of them follows the same general guidelines.

Recommendations from Professional Writers on Writing a Proposal

You might find yourself in a situation where you need to write a proposal. Maybe you are a business owner looking to eradicate a problem at work or a vendor pitching to a prospective client. The following eight steps offer a quality guide for the entire process:

  • Brainstorm

To be successful at getting the results you desire or the support you want, you must address the right people. Therefore, begin by brainstorming on who the recipient is. In case you are presenting the proposal to a board, try to think about their level of familiarity with the topic. This will guide you in determining whether you will need to offer any background information. Also, think about the things that can make your proposal more interesting. Consider the interests and hobbies of your audience to capture their maximum attention.

  • Conduct Research

Through research, you find a way to enrichen the credibility of the topic. You also get to prove the problem and your best solution for it. Consult both online and print material for any figures, facts, graphs, charts and other information to include. Since you want to avoid supporting the proposal using opinion only, you need the best information to back all your statements.

  • Start with a Hook

Your introduction needs to arouse the reader’s curiosity and identify you as a credible person. Provide some background information on the topic. In case you are composing a business proposal, this is the time to outline your mission statement.

  • Present the Issue

Define the problem you hope to solve. Address its cause and other accompanying effects it has caused. Do not forget to mention why the problem is worth solving. Likewise, you need to demonstrate your expertise.

  • Offer a Solution

State how you intend to solve the problem and why your chosen method is superior to an alternative method. Also, indicate why the chosen remedy is best if there are other viable solutions. It might be in terms of cost or impact. Remember, you must be persuasive to rally the audience to your support. Use examples, statistics, and facts to achieve this aim.

  • Outline the Scope and How It Work

Shed more light on the feasibility of the project by discussing the plan as if it has already gained approval. Lay out the schedule complete with a commencement and conclusion date. Another important piece of advice is to multiply the projected timeframe by a factor of 1.5. Overestimating the time gives you room to deal with unexpected errors. Finally, state the budget.

  • Conclusion

Emphasize the most critical parts of the project. You can also briefly restate the issue and its solution. Include a call to action at the end of your conclusion. It gives an imperative to the audience after going through your proposal.

  • Proofread the Paper

Before submitting the document, ensure that you get rid of punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors. Do this by editing and proofreading the paper. Presence of such errors is very costly. They leave a negative impression to the reader, thereby impacting on the approval of your proposal.

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