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What If I Need a Plagiarism Report as Well?

So what; that’s no issue at all! If you would like us to submit you a plagiarism report as well, we will sure generate it and deliver it to you in addition to your original order. Just mention this requirement while placing the instructions for your order.

We take pride in the originality of our work, and can safely commit to delivering you completely original work. All that rests with you is to decide whether you will write the essay yourself or get our assistance with it. If you choose to go with the first option, here’s a guideline for you.

I Need Expert Advice to Write My College Essay

If you want to write an essay yourself, and you think you have the time to achieve that; nothing like it! But having just time is not enough; you need to be aware of the writing process.

To begin with, essays are of different kinds, and requirements in terms of length, linguistic style, and formatting etc. vary depending upon the instructions given by the teacher. Typically, students are required to write essays as assignments by teachers. Essays serve as a means to evaluate their comprehension and writing abilities.

Here are some tips to write a good essay:

  • Finalize your topic;
  • Conduct research on it;
  • Prepare an outline;
  • Expand on the outline;
  • Proofread.

Google the topic. Read the articles. Brainstorm yourself with ideas. A standard outline has a structure of 5 paragraphs; an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Insert a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, and a topic sentence at the start of every paragraph. Substantiate each topic sentence with relevant examples or statistics from credible literary sources. Examples of such references include books and articles published in high impact fact journals. Stick to the thesis statement and topic sentences while writing the essay. Proofread the final paper for grammar and sentence construction errors and spelling and punctuation errors.

Benefits of Taking Our Professional Help

In some cases, its hard for students to write an essay themselves. Examples of such circumstances include very difficult topic of an essay, lack of time because of the need to complete and submit many assignments simultaneously, having to prepare for an upcoming exam, illness, and family commitments etc. In any case, if you decide to say to us, “help me write my essay”, you get these benefits:

  • Getting your essay written by a professional and trained writer, which means no errors and a perfect approach to writing.
  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • Getting time to do other important work while your essay is being written.
  • Low price for a very high-quality service.

I Want No Compromise on Paper Uniqueness

Nor do we! We take originality of work so seriously that we have a whole system to ensure it. Our quality assurance department plays a very important role in this. Every order that is completed and uploaded by a writer on our website first goes to the quality assurance department. They check the entire essay for plagiarism. They have different mechanisms to check, including using a software tool and also checking sentence by sentence manually online.

If a writer is found committing plagiarism, the quality assurance department imposes strong punitive measures against him/her. Hence, writers have absolutely no motivation to plagiarize. They know it can cost them their prestigious job with us. The quality of our work is the reason why we get hundreds of “write my essay” requests from our clients every single day.

How Can I Have Your Best Essay Writing Help?

The process is nuts. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of opening an account or registering with us. Instead, you start directly by giving us the details of your order. Here’s what happens:

  • You fill in the order form, providing your personal details such as your name and email address etc., and also the details of your order.
  • You make the payment using our safe and secure channels like Visa, or MasterCard.
  • We find the best writer for you. We match writers to customers depending upon the area of specialization of a writer and the topic of customer’s essay.

That’s it; work on your order starts. Your account is automatically generated and the customer support emails you the account details so you can log in. You can sit back and relax or complete other important tasks while your writer prepares the essay. Rest assured that the essay will be delivered to you the latest by your stipulated deadline.

Time to Order Your Custom Essay

If you have decided to take our help, waiting will do you no good. The earlier you place the order, the better. You will be able to place the order with a longer deadline, and hence pay less. Likewise, you can have more time for revision, just in case you have some comments. So place an order now.