Deciding the topic of a paper is the most critical stage in the whole process of writing. The entire paper depends upon the quality and adequacy of the topic. Probably you are having a problem deciding the topic of your paper. There’s nothing to worry about because we’re here for your assistance.

The right topic truly captures the gist of a paper. It’s neither too long nor too short. Get a good idea of deciding a topic by reading our guidelines. We offer you good exemplification essay topics related to all sorts of areas. If you still require help, you can have a customized topic generated just for you by our experts.

What Is an Exemplification Paper?

Before getting into a discussion of the selection of topics, it’s customary to have a quick look into the concept of this kind of essay. The word ‘exemplify’ means to show or demonstrate. Therefore, the significance of examples in these essays is a lot.

It’s essentially argumentative in tone and nature. The writer incorporates cases in it which validate an opinion. The arguments are supported and substantiated by concrete evidence and examples. Hence, the readers get a clear understanding of the viewpoint of the writer and also have reasons to believe in the information they are offered. Here are easy tips to get you started in the right direction:

  • Provide correct details.
  • Incorporate examples that suit the paper’s prime subject.
  • Use a persuasive tone by using excellent examples and using logical writing.
  • Distribute the arguments and examples throughout the essay so that each part has them.

How to Decide the Topic for Your Paper – Expert Tips

Many times, teachers provide students with topics for exemplification essay themselves. However, if you have to come up with a topic yourself, make sure that you have a good knowledge of your chosen topic and that you can easily grab evidence and facts in support of the points you will make in it. Remember that the real challenge of finding good examples lies ahead. So if you select a unique topic, the chances are that you’ll fail to find appropriate examples for it.

Think deep while choosing your topics to write an exemplification essay on. Let’s suppose your teacher asks you to write a paper on an author. While you can choose any writers of your choice, try to select one for your paper who has written more books than others. This will make it easy for you to find relevant information and examples from the author’s books because of the simple reason that they will be plenty. Important points to consider while selecting the topic of your paper is:

  • It shouldn’t be more than 70 characters in length – spaces included
  • Avoid the use of punctuation in the topic
  • Don’t use complicated words in the topic

How to Write the Paper So It Attracts Readers

The importance of best exemplification essay topics in improving the readership of essays cannot be overemphasized. But everything is not done only by selection of the correct topic – your starting section should have the pulling power in it as well. You can start the paper with a popular question or phrase to grab the attention of readers.

You have to identify your target audience to come up with the best examples in your paper. Examples for a topic will be different for children audience as compared to those for an elderly audience without any change in the topic. Good behavior for a child may mean behaving well with parents and cleaning the teeth every day, but for an adult, you will exemplify good behavior as giving charities and donations, and consuming less natural resources.

Here Are Some Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics

You don’t just have to find a topic for the paper, and you also have to ensure that it’s interesting. The topic should have a wow factor so that it sparks interest in the audience. Here are some easy exemplification essay topics that have this quality:

  • Teaching children manners – the fine line between parenting and harassing.
  • No meal is free in this world.
  • Why not immigrate to Canada?
  • Are people from all races related?
  • Why we need vacations

Find the Best Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

Topics for essays at the college level have to be academically very strong. Essays contain strong arguments, and strong practical examples substantiate them. Some topics you can select from the following ones:

  • Is social media a reliable source of information?
  • Technology has changed education.
  • Is polygamy ethically justifiable?
  • Can teachers deter bullying and violence in schools?
  • Should students be taught subjects of religion in schools?
  • Can a strict vegan diet be nutritionally sufficient?
  • Is plastic surgery a necessity or a luxury?

As you may have noticed, the above good topics for an exemplification essay relate to different fields of knowledge. The best way to phrase a topic for this kind of paper is as a question. As you try to answer it in the paper, you discuss examples that justify your opinions.

Get Our Guru to Devise a Fine Topic for You

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