Are you struggling to find a good topic for your paper? Choosing or phrasing a topic for an exploratory essay can be a challenging task. You need to have a researchable topic for your paper. Alongside, you need to ensure that you can access good sources of information about it.

Probably you have been trying hard to find a good topic for your paper. Worry no more because we are here for your assistance. In this article, we propose good exploratory essay topics related to the themes of health, education, and parenting. Feel free to use our suggested topics for your essays or ask our expert writers to generate a fresh, unique, and customized topic for your paper.

How to Decide Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics

Finding interesting topics for your paper is not easy. It is a skill that you have to master. Our guidelines will be definitely helpful for you in this regard. To begin with, think about the area you want to select your topic from. The range of fields is literally countless. Some of the fields you can choose the topic from include fitness, engineering, human body, psychology, food, traveling, and education.

These are obviously broad categories. If your teacher gives you the leverage to choose topics for exploratory essay of your choice, and you come up with a paper on such broad categories, the teacher is not likely to welcome this approach. The prime reason behind this is that the field is too vast. A one-word topic anyway doesn’t qualify to be selected for a paper.

Consider yourself as a reader of the paper rather than a writer for a moment. You’d like to spend time reading a paper that you know what it’s about. Will you care to read a paper titled ‘education’? Sure, you have tons of information about education already. Likewise, your paper’s readers will like to have a clear idea of what the content is about. So the key is to narrow it down.

That brings us to the discussion of sub-categories. Talking about education, its sub-categories can be high-school education, college education, coeducation, virtual education, and home tuition. While you are free to choose the sub-category, you still need to identify interesting and at the same time, academically strong topics within your selected sub-category.

In this article, we share with you best exploratory essay topics for three areas – health, education, and parenting. We’ll start by identifying sub-categories for each of these areas, and then you can read five topics.

Five Best Topics for Paper Writing On Health

Health is an outstanding field to select your topic from. That’s because there’s a lot of room for research work in this area. Medical research papers represent a significant proportion of academic articles. Sub-categories for the field of health can be animal rights as subjects of medical testing, sleep, diet, and the aging process. Here are five suitable college exploratory essay topics related to health:

  • Are mobile phones safe for our ears?
  • The workout is beneficial for blood circulation.
  • The demerits of being a vegetarian.
  • How much sleep is too little sleep?
  • How does the aging process start?

Five Easy Paper Topics Related to Education

Education is one of the best topics to write a paper on. It is the favorite subject of exploration for most teachers. Some of its sub-categories are online education, knowledge, and spiritual education. Find five good topics for an exploratory essay on it below:

  • Coeducation prepares students for professional life challenges.
  • Can we get educated without attending schools?
  • How is online education different from campus studies?
  • Can schools do spiritual counseling of students?
  • What is the minimum education every person should get?

Top Five Paper Topic Ideas On Parenting

Parenting is a fascinating and important subject for exploration. Its sub-categories include single parenting, blended families, and gay marriages. Here are five interesting topics to write an exploratory essay on:

  • Nuclear family structure is the best for effective parenting.
  • Parents should never scold their children.
  • Gay parents’ children’s understanding of intimacy.
  • Should children be forced to accept the parents’ religion?
  • How parenting changes a person?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exploratory Essay Topics for College Students

As you select the topic of your paper, feel free to phrase it as a question or a statement. You might have observed that the topics we have suggested include both questions and statements. While deciding on a topic, the writers should take care of the following things:

  • Make your topic-specific and narrow.
  • Find a topic that discusses the unique aspect of an area.
  • Read the topic at least three times to ensure that it’s easily understandable.

Alongside, there are certain things you don’t want to include while writing your topic. We have created a list of them. While thinking your paper’s title:

  • Don’t make the title longer than 70 characters, including spaces.
  • Don’t use difficult vocabulary in your topic.
  • Don’t insert commas in the topic.

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We’re sure you will find our suggested easy exploratory essay topics interesting. However, it’s possible that you are writing a paper on an area other than the topics we have discussed on. Let’s say you want to select the topic from the field of technology, and you didn’t find topic suggestions for it in this article. No problem! We can help you out.

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