What this handout is about

Comparison and contrast essays are the types of academic paper writing. In this kind of essay you either compare or contrast something. In comparison essay writing you show the similarities in the things compared, and in contrast essay you emphasize the differences between the subjects.
For better understanding of how cope with these kinds of essay successfully, there are some compare and contrast essay examples on our website. They will help you to deal with such kind of academic paper writing without any problem.

Main steps of compare and contrast essay writing

Let’s speak about the process of essay writing in order to make you ready to fulfill this kind of writing assignment without using compare and contrast essay examples.
The main process of compare and contrast essay writing consists of the following steps:
• choosing the topic. The very first stage in essay writing is choosing the topic. It is an important step in any kind of academic writing assignment, because the success of your work depends on which topic you will choose. Omit boring and tired topics that will be not interesting for the reader.
• writing the list of similarities. There should be 4 – 6 similarities in your essay work, each point should be detailed and brightly illustrated with the examples.
• writing the list of differences. Your essay should contain 4 – 6 brightly illustrated and well explained differences.
• writing a topic sentence. It is the very first sentence in your essay work where you include the subject and focus attention on the comparison and contrast points.
• writing the body of an essay. Here you should point out all the similarities and differences found. You should explain each point using the details and examples.
• writing a concluding sentence. The very last sentence summarizes everything above and restates a topic sentence.

How to organize the essay

There are two patterns for an effective comparison and contrast essays writing:

  • Subject-by-subject pattern. In this kind of pattern you give all the details about the subject A then you point out all the details of the subject B. Remember, you should discuss the details of both subjects in the same order.
  • Point-by-point pattern. In this kind of essay organization you discuss both subjects point-by-point.

Tips to remember

In order to write a flawless comparison and contrast essay, you should remember the following things:
• to use the same points to compare and contrast both subjects;
• to give the equal space and equal attention to the details of the subjects.

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