Writing personal experience essays about coping with the changes in your family may include topics such as moving in a new house, migrating to a new country or community, moving out of the house of a family member, and introducing a new member of the family. Other topics delve on sensitive topics such as death of a family member, divorce, and other relevant issues. Developing this paper may be difficult for some students since some of the topics may be hard to be put into writing. Here are some essay tips on constructing a paper on this kind of topic:

•    First point to discuss on your paper is the usual reactions of society to the changes that occur in the family. Cite the negative and positive reactions and explain why changes in the family are perceived in these opposing manners in the society. Identify the perspective on changes that you and your family possess then elucidate how your family had acquired this kind of outlook towards changes in the family. Mention your personal view on changes in the family and the people or sources that had influenced your outlook on these changes. This point would serve as your anchor point in your statements on the later parts of your paper.

•    For this type of academic essay, the section on the account of your personal experience on changes you have experienced in your family is probably the highlight of your paper. Describe the events that ensued in the changes that had happened in your family and the ways this occurrence had affected you as an individual and your family. Specify a sociological analysis on these changes, the reactions your and your family had exhibited, and the effects of these changes to you and your family. Relatively, the family and an individual’s identity are also excellent topics tackled for sociology essays. Reading some of this type of essay can help you in providing the sociological view for this part of your paper.

•    Enumerate way on how to cope with changes in the family. Explain how each approach can be beneficial in dealing with changes. State which of these approaches you have applied personally and describe how this approach had aided you to manage the situation. Expound on the importance of getting immediate support from friends and family to deal with these changes as well as consulting professionals who can give you advice.

•    Clichés about change being a part of your life are true; explain how understanding and accepting changes in your family as a permanent part of life would provide a positive outlook in life as well as prepare a person for future changes that may happen in life. Assess yourself if you have attained this attitude towards changes in your family and life changes in general.

•    State the possible harm that may result on an individual an on the family in not being able to cope with changes in the family. Explicate the reasons why this could cause harm. Specify if you have experienced any of these harmful consequences of not being able to cope with changes in the family.

Personal experience essays on this topic can be immediately completed by observing these tips. A good essay on personal experiences involves in-depth views on these occurrences in life as well as the sincerity of the writer.